CCleaner Technician v6.25.11093 (Full Version)

CCleaner Technician v6.25.11093 (Full Version)

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CCleaner Technician is a productivity tool to repair, optimize, and back up any Windows PC. It offers various solutions for troubleshooters and enterprise technicians with unlimited usage and compliance options.


CCleaner Technician is a powerful productivity tool designed to repair, optimize, and protect any Windows PC. This specialized publication meets the needs of skilled problem solvers and enterprise technicians by delivering comprehensive solutions with unlimited application possibilities and compliance flexibility.

CCleaner Technician Edition stands out as an edition specially designed for technicians and equipped with a full range of features to make their tasks easier. Real-time monitoring provides continuous monitoring, identifies potential optimization opportunities, and allows problems to be resolved quickly. Scheduled cleaning automates routine maintenance, and error correction improves system stability. Included driver updates help keep your hardware running at optimal performance, and privacy features help remove sensitive traces of your online and offline activities.

CCleaner Technician Edition has a per-technician license structure that allows unlimited use for the life of the license, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for technicians responsible for maintaining the health and performance of Windows-based systems. The tool’s versatility and comprehensive features make it a must-have for IT professionals and technicians managing complex multi-PC tasks in an enterprise environment.


Those familiar with CCleaner from the same developer will immediately recognize the same interface they have tested, providing an efficient cleaning process. The CCleaner Technician Edition aims to offer business efficiency by optimizing endpoints, protecting against data theft, and increasing productivity compared to its “siblings.” The multi-tab array allows you to perform a step-by-step cleaning process, such as analyzing junk and temporary files, clearing your preferences, or viewing registry changes. The fully configurable tool allows you to use the checklist to select the elements to be analyzed, thus increasing the scanning efficiency.

Users can choose from a wide range of cleaning options, and It Edition offers unique control features. This tool is very useful as it allows people to be notified when a potential cleanup exceeds a user-defined memory threshold. Additionally, the registry cleaner allows users to monitor the status of their accounts, and the tool offers a configuration list for scanning only the preferred keys. To improve the flexibility of cleaning, CCleaner Technician Edition allows you to add and remove custom directories or file subscriptions.

CCleaner Technician Edition is designed to offer people an effective tool for scanning, analyzing, and deleting junk and temporary files, and keeping your computer clean. Furthermore, it comes with a dedicated registry cleaner, and the delete module fills the package. Undoubtedly, CCleaner Technician Edition may be a good choice for those who want to clean their computer and get the best performance. This offers them a reliable interface that offers a direct cleaning process. Users will be able to select the type of content to analyze, check for changes in the account, or remove unwanted software. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Remote management: CCleaner Technician allows you to remotely manage and clean multiple computers on a network.

Customizable settings: You can create custom settings and cleaning rules, and deploy them to different computers on the network.

Automatic updates: The software automatically checks for updates and installs them, ensuring that all computers on the network are running the latest version.

Windows Event Log cleaning: The Windows Event Log, can help to free up space and improve performance on the computer.

Command-line support: The software includes command-line options, allowing for automation and scripting of cleaning tasks.

Portable version: You can use the mobile version of CCleaner Technician on a USB drive or other portable storage device, allowing you to easily clean and maintain computers on the go.

Silent mode: You can run CCleaner Technician in silent mode, which will perform cleaning tasks without any user interaction.

File Finder: The software includes a file finder feature that allows you to quickly locate and delete unnecessary files on a computer.

Scheduled cleaning: You can schedule cleaning tasks to run automatically, ensuring that computers are regularly maintained without the need for manual intervention.

Detailed reporting: The CCleaner Technician provides detailed reports on the cleaning tasks that have been performed, including the number of files and registry keys that were cleaned, and the amount of space that was freed up. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.