PilotEdit Pro v18.8.0 Free Download (Full Version)

PilotEdit Pro v18.8.0 Free Download (Full Version)

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PilotEdit Pro is a text and file editing software designed to provide advanced features for users working with large and complex text files. It offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting, advanced search and replace operations, compare and merge files, 256-bit AES encryption/decryption, sorting, finding/removing duplicate strings, extracting strings, FTP/SFTP, and more.


PilotEdit Pro is a powerful solution for professionals dealing with large and complex text files and offers several advanced features to simplify the editing process. One of its advantages is that it highlights customizable syntax and keywords, helping users immersed in programming or development improve their code readability and understanding. The software’s sophisticated search and replace operations allow users to easily manage a wide range of files, and its file comparison and merging capabilities provide a comprehensive view of file differences. Security is a top priority, with 256-bit AES encryption/decryption protecting sensitive data.

In addition to these basic functions, PilotEdit Pro excels with additional functions such as sorting, finding and removing duplicate rows, and extracting rows to simplify data processing. Includes FTP/SFTP support, allowing users to directly edit files on a remote server. In essence, PilotEdit Pro offers versatile tools that go beyond basic text editing to meet the complex requirements of users struggling with complex text and data scenarios.


PilotEdit Pro is a text and file editing software that meets the demands of users working with large and complex text files. Designed for programming, web development, and data analysis professionals, this tool stands out for its advanced features. One of its key features is syntax and keyword highlighting, which improves code visibility and readability.

PilotEdit Pro excels at working with large files and allows editing even with complex data sets. The software’s search and replace operations are sophisticated and allow users to efficiently navigate and manipulate large amounts of text. Its file comparison and merging capabilities provide a comprehensive view of file differences, helping with version control and collaboration.

Security is paramount and includes 256-bit AES encryption/decryption to protect sensitive data. In addition to basic editing functions, PilotEdit Pro offers a variety of tools such as sorting features, finding and removing duplicate lines, and extracting specific lines from files. This versatility makes it an invaluable asset to users engaged in a variety of data processing tasks.

PilotEdit Pro goes beyond traditional text editing with FTP/SFTP support. This feature allows users to directly edit files on a remote server, simplifying the workflow for those working in web development or managing files on external servers. The software’s commitment to automation and efficiency is evidenced by column mode editing, regular expression support, and scripting capabilities.

Basically, PilotEdit Pro is a complete solution to the problems associated with working with large and complex text files. A user-friendly interface combined with a wealth of features makes it an indispensable tool for professionals looking to streamline their text and file editing workflows. Whether coding, analyzing data, or collaborating on collaborative projects, users can rely on PilotEdit Pro to meet their editing needs with a versatile and efficient platform. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Editing large files: PilotEdit Pro is optimized for working with large text files, making it ideal for programmers, web developers, and other professionals who frequently deal with large logs, code, or data files.

Syntax Highlighting: The software supports syntax highlighting for a wide variety of programming languages. This feature improves code readability and helps users spot and correct syntax errors.

Hex Editor: It includes a hex editor that allows users to view and edit files in hexadecimal mode. This is especially useful for low-level file editing and debugging.

FTP/SFTP Editing: PilotEdit Pro may offer built-in support for editing files directly on remote servers via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Find and Replace: The software often provides advanced search and replace functions that allow you to find specific patterns and lines of text within a file and replace them easily.

Column Mode Editing: Users can often edit text in column mode to effectively manipulate the data in a particular column.

File Comparison: PilotEdit Pro may include a file comparison feature that allows users to compare and find differences between two files.

Regular Expressions: Support for regular expressions is often included, allowing users to perform complex pattern-based search and replace operations.

Automation and Scripting: The software supports automation and scripting, allowing users to create and execute scripts for repetitive editing tasks.

Encoding conversion: PilotEdit Pro supports conversion between different text encodings and provides compatibility with various file formats.

Multiple Undo/Redo: Multiple levels of undo and redo are available, providing flexibility for editing and undoing changes.

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