Xara Web Designer+ v23.8.0.68981 (Preactivated/Full)
Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer+ v23.8.0.68981 (Preactivated/Full)

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Xara Web Designer is a web design software. It is designed to allow users, including beginners and experienced designers, to create beautiful and functional websites without requiring extensive coding knowledge. Xara Web Designer integrates a wide range of features, making it a complete website creation solution.


Developed by Xara Group Limited, Xara Web Designer is a dynamic web design software designed to empower a wide range of users, from novice users to experienced designers. With an intuitive interface and powerful drag-and-drop functionality, this software is designed to simplify the process of creating a website without requiring extensive coding knowledge. By combining various features, Xara Web Designer is a comprehensive solution for creating attractive and fully functional websites.

With responsive design capabilities, the websites it creates meet modern needs for a versatile, user-friendly online experience and can seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Boasting a template library spanning a variety of industries and design styles, users can start their projects with pre-designed templates and then customize them to suit their requirements.

In addition, the software includes powerful graphic design tools that make it easy to create and edit vector graphics and visually interesting elements to enhance the overall aesthetics of a website. Whether users want to create an online presence, showcase their portfolio, or build an e-commerce platform, Xara Web Designer’s comprehensive features make it a valuable tool for those looking to realize their web design vision easily.


Developed by Xara Group Limited, Xara Web Designer is an innovative and user-friendly web design software for a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced designers. This software revolutionized website building, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to design visually stunning and functional websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge. This emphasis on accessibility positions Xara Web Designer as a valuable tool for those looking to get online without the complexities of traditional web development.

One of the unique features of Xara Web Designer is that websites are built using software support web design that can dynamically adapt to different screen sizes and devices. Responsiveness is crucial in today’s digital environment where users access websites from different platforms. The software’s template library makes the design process even more sophisticated by offering a collection of pre-designed templates that span a variety of industries and styles. Users can start their projects with these templates and then customize them to suit their unique needs, saving time and effort.

Xara Web Designer seamlessly integrates graphic design tools, allowing users to create and modify vector graphics, images, and other visual elements directly within the software. This feature not only improves the aesthetics of the website but also allows users to unleash their creativity without relying on external design tools. In addition, the software includes animation and effects capabilities, allowing users to add dynamic and interactive elements to their websites.

For those who want to start e-commerce, Xara Web Designer includes e-commerce features to help you create online stores. Enable users to integrate payment systems, manage product listings, and allow visitors to make seamless purchases. Furthermore, the software includes search engine optimization (SEO) tools that allow you to increase your website’s visibility on search engine results pages.

With integrated hosting options, users can publish their website directly from Xara Web Designer, simplifying the process of putting a website live on the Internet. This comprehensive approach, along with the flexibility to edit HTML code for advanced customization when needed, makes Xara Web Designer a complete web design solution, providing a creative and efficient platform to realize your web design vision. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Drag and Drop Interface: One of the most important features of Xara Web Designer is the drag and drop interface. Users can easily place and manipulate elements on web pages without having to write code.

Responsive Design: Xara Web Designer supports responsive web design, allowing users to create websites that adapt to different screen sizes and devices. This is crucial to ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience across different platforms.

Template Library: The software often includes a library of pre-designed templates that users can customize to suit their needs. These templates cover a wide variety of industries and design styles and serve as a starting point for creating a website.

Graphic Design Tools: Like other Xara products, Web Designer includes powerful graphic design tools. Users can create and edit vector graphics, work with images, and design visual elements for their websites.

Animations and Effects: Xara Web Designer allows users to add animations and special effects to their websites. It can improve the appearance and interactivity of the site.

E-commerce features: Some versions of Xara Web Designer have e-commerce features that allow users to set up online stores and integrate payment systems to sell products and services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools: The Software may contain tools to optimize websites for search engines, which help improve the site’s visibility on search engine results pages.

Hosting and Publishing: Xara Web Designer often offers an integrated hosting option that allows users to publish their websites directly from the software. It simplifies the process of hosting a website on the Internet.

Widgets and Add-ons: Users can enhance the functionality of their website by adding various widgets and add-ons, such as contact forms and social media integration.

HTML code editing (optional): The software is designed to be user-friendly without requiring coding skills, but Xara Web Designer can offer HTML-savvy users the ability to directly edit the code for more detailed customization.


Xara Web Designer Full Preactivated

Xara Web Designer Full Preactivated

Supported OS
Windows 11/10/8.1/7
Intel Pentium 4 or later required
Memory (RAM)
1 GB of Ram or higher required
Additional Disk Space
400 MB of free space or more required
Internet Connection
Product Name
Xara Web Designer+
Created By
CPUs Architecture
x64 (64-bit)
Products Type
Full Version
Release Date
Apr 06, 2024
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