DecSoft HTML Compiler v2024.8 (Full Version)

DecSoft HTML Compiler v2024.8 (Full Version)

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DecSoft HTML Compiler is a software tool for converting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based web applications into standalone executables for Windows. The main purpose of the HTML converter is to allow developers to package their web applications into standalone executable files that can be run on a Windows computer without using a web browser.


DecSoft HTML Compiler is a software tool that compiles modern HTML applications and games into standalone executable files. App files are never extracted on the user’s computer and run in a modern Chromium-based browser environment. You can compile your HTML applications using the graphical user interface or command line tools by specifying the path to your index.html file.

DecSoft HTML Compiler provides many external JavaScript functions and events beyond the capabilities of modern HTML programs, such as writing files, running programs, exploring folders, displaying menus and tray icons, and more! You can check out the product help and accompanying sample applications to see how these external JavaScript objects work! DecSoft HTML Compiler integrates an Open AI assistant, where you can ask questions about the source code (eg generate JavaScript functions), chat with ChatGTP (eg provide the translated text), generate realistic images, and use DALL-E to create natural languages.


DecSoft HTML Compiler is a versatile software tool that allows developers to compile web applications built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into standalone executables for Windows. The main purpose of this converter is to package web content into standalone applications and allow users to run them on Windows without using an external web browser.

One of the main advantages of using DecSoft HTML Compiler is the ability to create standalone applications that can be distributed and executed independently of the web browser environment. This not only improves application security but also ensures a consistent user experience across different Windows systems. It allows developers to deliver their web-based projects in a controlled and secure manner.

The compilation process is simple, involving the conversion of web assets such as HTML pages, CSS style sheets, and JavaScript code into a single, executable file. Users can customize various things like the compiled app icon, version information, and other settings to suit their needs.

DecSoft HTML Compiler supports a variety of features that improve the functionality and performance of compiled applications. This includes setting application window properties, integrating custom JavaScript code, and implementing security measures to protect application content. The resulting executable is distributed as a stand-alone file, allowing for easy deployment and installation on Windows systems without additional installations or dependencies.

Furthermore, the compiler allows the creation of test and demo versions of applications and allows developers to implement licensing and access control mechanisms. This can be especially important for commercial applications that aim to monetize their products.


Standalone Execution: DecSoft HTML Converter allows developers to convert web applications into standalone executable files (.exe) for Windows. This eliminates the need for users to have a separate web browser to run the application.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Converted executables generated by DecSoft HTML Converter are designed to run smoothly on different Windows systems, regardless of the specific web browser.

Customizable app settings: Developers can customize the installed app icon, version information, and other settings to suit their preferences or branding.

Window properties: The converter provides options to set various window properties such as size, location, and behavior of the application.

Integrating JavaScript code: Enables developers to integrate custom JavaScript code into an application to improve functionality or implement specific features.

Security Measures: DecSoft HTML Converter offers security measures to help protect the contents of the compiled program and ensure user safety.

Trial and Demo Versions: The compiler supports the creation of trial and demo versions of applications, allowing developers to implement licensing and access control mechanisms.

Command Line Support: For automation and advanced use, DecSoft HTML Compiler includes command line compilation.

Application Update Features: Some versions of the compiler may include an update feature for compiled applications, which allows developers to distribute updates seamlessly.

Customize the user interface: Developers can customize the user interface of the converted application to ensure a consistent user experience.

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