EaseUS MobiMover v6.0.5.21620 (Preactivated/Full)

EaseUS MobiMover v6.0.5.21620 (Preactivated/Full)

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Do you have a Windows operating system and want an EaseUS MobiMover Preactivated download link? You’re in the right place.

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EaseUS MobiMover is a phone manager and data transfer tool that allows you to transfer data between phones, including iPhone-to-iPhone data transfer, iPhone-to-Android data transfer, Android-to-Android data transfer, and iPhone data backup to a computer.


EaseUS MobiMover is an all-in-one phone manager and data transfer tool that meets a wide range of data transfer needs across multiple platforms. Provides a smooth transition between phones and supports iPhone-to-iPhone data transfer, iPhone-to-Android data transfer, and Android-to-Android data transfer. In addition, MobiMover expands its capabilities by allowing you to back up iPhone data to a connected computer. In addition to the basic data transfer functions, this tool offers more advanced functions that allow it to be more adaptable to different user scenarios. Users can easily transfer data between iOS devices and Windows computers, ensuring seamless file-sharing.

In addition, MobiMover allows data transfer between iOS and Mac devices and supports compatibility with the Apple ecosystem. For those who prefer to manage their data through iTunes, this tool makes it easy to transfer data between iOS devices and the iTunes platform. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, EaseUS MobiMover is a complete solution for those who want efficient and flexible options for managing and transferring data on their mobile devices and computers.


EaseUS MobiMover stands out as a reliable and versatile phone management and data transfer tool designed to simplify the process of transferring data between different platforms. Primarily recognized for its ability to work with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, MobiMover offers a comprehensive solution for users who need efficient data transfer and management capabilities. MobiMover is especially useful for transferring data between different phones smoothly and securely. Be it transferring from iPhone to iPhone, transferring from iPhone to Android device, transferring data between Android devices, etc., MobiMover makes it easy to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, and more according to different user scenarios.

One of its features is the ability to back up iPhone data directly to a connected computer. This ensures users have their important data protected and allows them to be easily restored if necessary. MobiMover’s user-friendly interface makes the backup process accessible to users with different levels of technical knowledge. Beyond basic data transfer, MobiMover expands its capabilities with advanced features. Users can transfer data between iOS devices and Windows computers, ensuring compatibility between Apple devices and Windows environments. Likewise, MobiMover caters to users in the Apple ecosystem by allowing data transfer between iOS devices and Mac computers.

For those who prefer to manage data on their iOS devices through iTunes, MobiMover offers a simple solution to transfer data between iOS devices and the iTunes platform. This feature adds an extra level of flexibility for users who are used to using iTunes to sync and manage data. In addition to data transfer capabilities, MobiMover often includes a video download feature. Users can download online videos and save them directly to their iOS device, enhancing the tool’s multimedia capabilities. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Data Transfer: MobiMover allows users to transfer various types of data between iOS devices such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, etc.

Backup and Restore: Users can create a backup copy of their iOS device data and restore it later if needed.

Content Management: MobiMover usually includes features for managing content on your iOS device. This may involve organizing or deleting files directly from the computer.

File Browsing: This allows users to view files on their iOS device from their connected computer.

Download Videos: Some versions of MobiMover have a video download feature that allows users to download online videos and save them to their iOS devices.

User-Friendly Interface: Provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface to make information transfer and management processes accessible to users with varying levels of technical knowledge.


EaseUS MobiMover Full Preactivated

EaseUS MobiMover Full Preactivated

Supported OS
Windows 11/10/8.1/7
Intel Pentium 4 or later required
Memory (RAM)
1 GB of Ram or higher required
Additional Disk Space
400 MB of free space or more required
Internet Connection
Product Name
EaseUS MobiMover
Created By
CPUs Architecture
x86 (32-bit) & x64 (64-bit)
Products Type
Full Version
Release Date
Dec 07, 2023
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