WizTree Enterprise v4.19 (Preactivated/Full)

WizTree Enterprise v4.19 (Preactivated/Full)

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WizTree Enterprise is a disk space analyzer tool designed to quickly scan and analyze the contents of your hard drive and give you an idea of which files and folders are taking up the most space. It quickly scans the file system and creates a visualization of disk space usage.


WizTree Enterprise is a powerful disk space analyzer tool designed to speed up the process of scanning and analyzing the contents of your hard drive. This software moves quickly through the file system at an unparalleled speed and instantly provides the user with information about the distribution of disk space consumption. Its main purpose is to identify and highlight files and folders that take up the most memory, allowing users to make informed decisions about optimizing disk space.

With its fast scanning capabilities, WizTree Enterprise excels in efficiency by creating visualizations of disk space usage through intuitive visualizations such as tree maps. This feature allows users to easily identify problem areas, delete unnecessary files, transfer data, reorganize storage, and more. This tool is essential for quick and accurate analysis, making it a valuable asset for businesses and individuals alike, simplifying complexity. the task of efficiently managing disk space. it not only accelerates the scanning process but also offers additional features to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of businesses with a wide range of data storage needs.


WizTree Enterprise is an advanced and powerful disk space analyzer designed to help enterprises manage and optimize their storage resources. The software can quickly scan and comprehensively analyze the contents of the hard drive, providing invaluable insight into the allocation of disk space.

A special feature of WizTree Enterprise is the ability to quickly navigate through file systems and display disk space usage in seconds. This real-time visualization, often displayed in a tree map, allows users to identify files and folders that are major contributors to storage usage, allowing them to make informed decisions about efficient space management.

WizTree Enterprise meets the diverse needs of enterprises by providing advanced features in addition to speed and visualization capabilities. Enterprise versions can include features such as enhanced scalability to address a wide range of data storage requirements, robust security measures, and seamless integration with a wide range of enterprise systems. This makes WizTree Enterprise an ideal solution for organizations operating in large data environments that need to efficiently manage disk space to ensure optimal system performance.

The efficiency of the software allows you to export the scan results in various formats, create detailed reports, and analyze them. It is invaluable to enterprise administrators and IT professionals responsible for controlling and optimizing storage across the organization.

WizTree Enterprise focuses on the dynamic nature of enterprise data storage. Its flexible and adaptive approach enables businesses to easily keep up with evolving storage needs and effectively solve storage challenges. Whether it’s identifying and managing redundant files, eliminating storage bottlenecks, or optimizing your overall storage infrastructure, WizTree Enterprise sees itself as a comprehensive and indispensable enterprise-level disk space management tool.

As a result, enterprises using WizTree Enterprise gain a competitive advantage by optimizing their storage management processes and using their digital assets more efficiently and organized. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Quick Scan: Quickly scan and analyze the contents of your hard drive to provide quick information about disk space usage.

Visualization: Create a visualization, such as a tree diagram, to show the distribution of disk space usage.

Sort and filter: This allows users to sort and filter results according to various criteria, making it easier to identify large files or specific file types.

Export options: Provides options to export scan results in different formats (CSV, HTML, text) for reporting and analysis.

NTFS Compression Awareness: Accurately report the actual size of compressed files considering NTFS compression.

Security features: Offer enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data during scanning and analysis.

Scalability: Provides tools to effectively manage a wide range of data storage requirements to meet the scalability needs of enterprises.

Integration: Seamless integration with enterprise-wide systems to integrate storage management strategies.

Task Automation: Supports automation of scheduled scanning and analysis at specific times, reducing the need for manual work.

Customization: Configuration options are provided to customize the tool to meet specific organization requirements and provide flexibility in disk space management.

Reporting and analytics: Enable detailed reporting and analytics to provide a comprehensive understanding of disk space usage trends and patterns.


WizTree Enterprise Full Preactivated

WizTree Enterprise Full Preactivated

WizTree Enterprise Full Preactivated

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