Stellarium v24.1 (Preactivated/Full)

Stellarium v24.1 (Preactivated/Full)

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Stellarium is a desktop planetarium that displays a realistic 3D image of the starry sky in real-time. The application with the highest degree of realism reproduces images that we can see with the naked eye, as well as through the lens of binoculars or a small telescope.


Stellarium is a great app that will be enjoyed by both those who love astronomy and those who know nothing about the stars. It combines a powerful database and a photo-realistic visual engine. The application is an excellent educational tool and is highly recommended for parents who want to introduce their children to the basics of astronomy and for anyone who likes to observe the stars

A simple and user-friendly interface can be easily mastered even by a child. If you thought stargazing with the Stellarium was something to write home about, wait until you try its portable counterpart, the Portable Stellarium. Yes, the sky will be just as blue and the stars just as bright, but the added portability means you’ll be able to show these findings to far more individuals than you could with a normal program. The program is just as cool with the added benefit of not leaving too many leftover files.


Stellarium is a comprehensive utility that helps users explore planets and constellations in a 3D environment. This open-source planetarium gives you details on celestial objects, simulates solar and lunar eclipses, and displays Messier objects and the Milky Way.

Portable Stellarium, just like its installation counterpart, is a truly innovative application. This application can explain to any individual how the star formation looks to us from our weak perspective, and at the same time shows how these star conglomerations are given names. It is easy to use and affordable. It’s a great school and learning material, and what’s more, now that you’ve installed it on tons of machines, it won’t be a problem anymore. The app’s light factor is enhanced by said portability as it was already quite simple for PC components.

The program has a fairly modern interface. It will go into full-screen mode as soon as you launch the app. There won’t be any hiccups or glitches as the program seems to be quite well-developed. Dedication is certainly something that the developers of this application did not lack. The program menus are clear. You can choose to enjoy many types of simulations if you can call them that. You can choose from lenses, sensors, and even telescopes. It’s as if you own every possible stargazing gadget when you run this app from your USB drive.

The point of Portable Stellarium is that if you love stars, space, and the general arrangement of celestial bodies in the sky, this program can adapt to what you’re used to and even teach you a few new tricks and facts.


Real-time sky simulation: Stellarium creates a real-time simulation of the night sky based on the user’s location and time, accurately depicting the positions and movements of celestial bodies.

Extensive catalog: The software includes a comprehensive catalog of stars, constellations, planets, moons, deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebulae, etc.) and other celestial phenomena.

User-friendly interface: Stellarium has an intuitive and user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced astronomers.

Customizable Landscapes: Users can customize the landscape settings to suit their location by setting up different terrains and urban landscapes.

Constellation Artwork: Constellations are depicted with detailed and accurate artwork for easy recognition and learning.

Time Travel: It allows users to travel forward or backward in time to observe how the night sky changes at different days and times.

Telescope control (in some versions): Some versions of Stellarium support telescope control, allowing users to connect their telescopes and use the software to direct their observations.

Educational Tool: Stellarium is widely used as an educational tool by schools, planetariums and astronomers to teach and study astronomy.

Free and Open Source: Stellarium is free to download and use, and its open-source nature allows developers to contribute to its improvements and modifications.

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