CareUEyes Pro v2.3.1 (Preactivated/Full)

CareUEyes Pro v2.3.1 (Preactivated/Full)

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CareUEyes Pro protects your vision, reduces eye strain caused by prolonged screen time, and filters out harmful blue light. The blue light filter effectively fights harmful rays that damage the retina. The software intelligently adjusts screen brightness according to ambient lighting conditions for the best eye protection.


CareUEyes Pro is designed to protect your vision by filtering out harmful blue light and reducing eye strain caused by prolonged viewing of a computer screen. This software offers a blue light filter that effectively filters out harmful blue light and reduces retinal damage to the retina. It also automatically adjusts the display brightness according to the brightness of the environment.

Additionally, CareUEyes Pro provides a break reminder feature that reminds you to get up or take a break every hour to avoid blurred vision and dizziness caused by prolonged sitting. The software offers a focus feature that allows you to change the size and transparency of the reading area, making it easier to focus while reading and improving productivity.

CareUEyes Pro has a dimming feature that automatically darkens the background window to highlight the front window, giving you more focus and less interference from other application windows. The software offers a dark mode that can be used to reduce eye strain and fatigue.


CareUEyes Pro is a comprehensive eye care program designed to prioritize and protect your vision during prolonged computer use. Based on the standard CareUEyes app, the Pro version includes advanced features to improve eye health and reduce digital eye fatigue. One of the key features of CareUEyes Pro is a powerful blue light filter. This feature is important to reduce the negative effects of prolonged exposure to harmful blue light emitted by digital screens. The software is designed to reduce the risk of retinal damage and eliminate eye discomfort associated with prolonged computer use by effectively filtering out the most harmful wavelengths.

Software adaptive lighting control is another feature. CareUEyes Pro goes beyond traditional screen dimming solutions by dynamically changing screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. This intelligent adjustment not only optimizes visual comfort but also contributes to a more ergonomic and personalized user experience. In addition to the basic features, CareUEyes Pro offers several customizable settings to customize the software to your individual needs. Users can fine-tune settings such as filter intensity, color temperature, and break reminders to provide a personalized and flexible approach to eye care.

The Pro version of CareUEyes recognizes the importance of breaks in maintaining eye health. With a break reminder feature, this app encourages users to take regular breaks from their screen time. These breaks are necessary to prevent eye fatigue during prolonged use of the computer and improve general well-being. In addition, CareUEyes Pro has a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates into daily computer operations. The software runs in the background, requires minimal user intervention, and provides maximum eye protection. This unobtrusive approach allows users to focus on their work and activities without distractions and be confident that their eye health is a priority. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Advanced Blue Light Filter: CareUEyes Pro has an advanced blue light filter to reduce the harmful effects of blue light emitted from computer screens. This feature is designed to reduce eye fatigue and potential damage to retinal cells caused by prolonged exposure to blue light.

Dynamic Brightness Control: The software automatically adjusts the brightness of your computer screen based on the ambient lighting conditions. This adaptive lighting feature helps improve visual comfort, especially in different lighting conditions.

Customizable Settings: CareUEyes Pro usually offers various settings that allow users to customize the software to their liking. This includes adjusting the intensity of the blue light filter, adjusting the color temperature, and setting a break reminder.

Overdue reminder: To promote healthy computer usage, CareUEyes Pro includes an expiration reminder. These tips can help users take regular breaks from screen time, reduce eye strain, and prevent discomfort associated with prolonged computer use.

User-friendly interface: The Pro version has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. This ensures users can access and modify software features without unnecessary complexity, improving the overall user experience.

Seamless integration: CareUEyes Pro works essentially in stealth mode and integrates seamlessly into the user’s daily computing activities. This allows users to focus on their work while the software actively protects their eyes.

Eye care flexibility: Users can choose different eye care options, such as different modes for different activities (reading, gaming, etc.), creating a personalized and adaptive eye care environment.

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