MAGIX VEGAS Pro v22.0.1.219 Free Download (Full Version)

MAGIX VEGAS Pro v22.0.1.219 Free Download (Full Version)

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MAGIX VEGAS Pro is professional software for creating video, audio, and Blu-ray discs from MAGIX Corporation! Only Vegas combines real-time SD, HD, 2K, and 4K video editing with unmatched audio tools, creating the ideal environment for creative professionals. High definition, high definition.


Magix Vegas Pro is a professional video editing software that provides comprehensive tools for video and audio editing, color grading, special effects, and more. It is designed for content creators who want to manage all aspects of content creation without ever leaving the interface. The software comes in three different versions: VEGAS Pro Edit, VEGAS Pro Suite, and VEGAS Pro Post.

VEGAS Pro Edit is a powerful and intuitive video editing software with advanced integrations and built-in audio and effects. VEGAS Pro Suite is a comprehensive set of creative tools for video editing, sound design, music production, and motion control. VEGAS Pro Post offers a professional workflow ideal for all media, including advanced 2D and 3D VFX. The software offers cloud storage, standard premium content, exclusive AI-powered tools, and regular free updates with a VEGAS Pro subscription.

VEGAS Pro gives you more editing options than ever before. Thanks to the new speed limits, you can create fast movements that are 40 times faster than average speed. New hover scrolling capabilities allow you to mark entry and exit points and add frames from the trimmer much faster and more efficiently. This leaves more time for your main goal: creating impressive videos.


MAGIX VEGAS Pro is the creative software from MAGIX Corporation, tailor-made for professional video, audio, and Blu-ray creation. It stands out as the unparalleled solution that seamlessly integrates real-time SD, HD, 2K, and 4K video editing with an unmatched suite of audio tools. This integration creates the ideal all-in-one environment for creative professionals seeking high clarity and precision in their projects.

The software’s ability to handle diverse video formats and resolutions, from standard to ultra-high definition, is complemented by its robust audio capabilities, enabling a comprehensive and streamlined approach to crafting compelling visual and auditory experiences. With its emphasis on real-time editing and a comprehensive set of tools, VEGAS Pro stands as a go-to platform, setting a benchmark in the industry for those who demand the highest standards in their creative endeavors.

Enhancing the quality of your videos is effortless with MAGIX VEGAS Pro’s intelligent plug-ins, enabling full HD recordings to shine in top-tier quality, even within 4K projects. The software offers an array of tools such as Smart Upscaling and Smart Zoom, allowing seamless incorporation of HD archival footage into high-resolution 4K projects. This streamlined integration ensures that your older, lower-resolution content can effortlessly adapt and elevate within the higher resolution, maintaining the overall quality of your final output.

MAGIX VEGAS Pro’s Smart Upscaling intelligently augments the resolution, while the Smart Zoom feature provides nuanced control over the scaling process, maintaining clarity and detail. Furthermore, the software offers the flexibility to deliver your projects in a diverse range of standard 4K file formats, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across various platforms and devices, and meeting the demands of modern content creation and distribution. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Powerful video editing: Known for its robust and comprehensive video editing capabilities, it offers a timeline-based editing interface for precise control.

Multi-Camera Editing: The ability to work and edit multi-camera footage for projects from different angles, simplifying the editing process.

Audio Tools: Comprehensive audio editing features and effects enhance and mix audio to complement visual content.

Effects and Transitions: A wide range of effects and transitions to add visual dynamics and storytelling elements to your videos.

Color Grading: Advanced color correction and grading tools to fine-tune visual aesthetics and ensure consistency between clips.

3D Editing: 3D design and video editing capabilities are ideal for custom or immersive content creation.

Multimedia control: Effectively organize and manage media assets for ease of use during access and editing.

Wide Format Support: Supports a wide variety of video and audio formats, providing flexibility for editing different types of media.

Plugin Integration: Compatible with numerous third-party plugins for enhanced functionality and customization.

Motion Tracking: A tool to precisely control and apply effects or text to moving objects in a video frame.

GPU Acceleration: Uses the power of the GPU to improve overall performance for faster rendering and real-time playback.

Storyboard and Timeline Attachments: Allows you to create and organize storyboards and timeline attachments to better manage and organize your projects.

Comprehensive Project Archiving: Ability to archive and backup entire projects for easy recovery and continued editing at a later stage.

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