Duplicate Cleaner v5.21.2 (Preactivated/Full)

Duplicate Cleaner v5.21.2 (Preactivated/Full)

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Duplicate Cleaner is a powerful and professional tool for 100% bit-for-bit search and removal of identical and identical files from your computer. A tool to clean local and network drives from duplicate files. Helps to find and delete various duplicate files: music, photos, videos, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and others.


Duplicate Cleaner is a software application designed to identify and remove duplicate files and data from a computer or storage device. It plays a crucial role in optimizing storage space, improving system performance, and maintaining a clutter-free digital environment. This tool is more essential in our digital age where we collect large amounts of data on various devices.

Duplicate Cleaner is an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations looking to maintain an organized and efficient digital environment. It helps declutter storage, improves system performance, and simplifies data management by effectively identifying and removing duplicate files.

Its versatility and user-friendly features make it an essential utility in the age of digital data transmission. Whether you’re a casual computer user or a business professional, It can help you take control of your digital assets and optimize your computing experience.

Duplicate Cleaner is a versatile and valuable tool for optimizing your digital environment by identifying and managing duplicate files. Its wide variety of features and customization options make it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to reduce their storage and improve their computer’s performance.


Duplicate Cleaner is a powerful software tool designed to help users identify and manage duplicate files and data on their computers and storage devices. In a digital age where data storage is rampant, duplicate files can quickly clutter up your storage space, slow down your computer, and make organizing your digital assets a challenge. Duplicate Cleaner solves these problems by offering a comprehensive solution to efficiently detect and remove duplicate files.

Duplicate Cleaner won’t amaze you with its cutting-edge technology or implementation of concepts. This simple app helps you get rid of duplicate files, but it also tries to stay relevant by giving credibility even if it’s not original. It’s great if you want to find specific duplicate files.

Since we are talking about a simple program idea, the application is divided into three specific tabs. The first is the app’s home or main area. The other two are related to how and where you want to find duplicate files. In the search criteria section, the user is asked to provide more information regarding the duplicate file. Is it the same, is it similar, and if so how similar?

These are some of the options one should go through when trying to find duplicate files. Keep in mind that images and audio files have their specific criteria in specially designed tabs.

The program includes a bunch of more complicated ways to view your files. This includes scanning in ZIP files, excluding 0-size files from the duplicate list, or counting hard links in a file. After the program starts its search, a list of duplicate files populates the main view, allowing the user to select any entries for deletion, of course, only after the scan action is fully completed.

Fake Cleaner Pro is exactly as advertised, simple and friendly, efficient and flexible. These are the main advantages of this application compared to other similar products that all users should take into account. It includes more complex search options for those who want to implement a neater system that displays full search and results. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Batch Processing: It allows you to process multiple sets of files simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for users managing extensive digital libraries or large amounts of data.

File Deletion Security: Most duplicate cleaner apps implement safeguards to prevent accidental deletion of important files. These safeguards may include warning prompts and the ability to move files to a designated “safe” folder before deletion.

File Move and Copy Options: In addition to deletion, Duplicate Cleaner can offer options to move or copy duplicate files to another location. This is useful when you want to keep duplicates but organize them separately.

Custom file renaming: Some versions of Duplicate Cleaner allow you to rename duplicate files based on specific naming conventions, helping you maintain a consistent and organized file structure.

Folder Comparison: Apart from individual file comparison, some duplicate cleaner software can compare entire folders, helping you identify duplicate folders or directory structures.

Search by Similarity: In addition to exact matches, some duplicate cleaner tools can identify similar but not necessarily identical files. This is useful for finding similar images or documents with minor differences.

Integration with cloud storage: Some duplicate cleaner apps offer integration with cloud storage services, allowing you to scan and manage duplicates stored in your cloud accounts.

Undo function: If you make a mistake or accidentally delete files, Duplicate Cleaner can provide an undo feature that allows you to undo changes and restore deleted files.

Scheduled scans: For ongoing maintenance, some copy cleaner tools allow you to schedule automatic scans at specific intervals. This ensures that your system remains free of duplicates over time.

Customized reports: Many duplicate cleaner programs generate detailed reports of scan results. These reports usually include information about the location of copies, file sizes, and other relevant details.

Duplicate photo detection: Specific duplicate cleaner apps designed to manage photo collections may include features such as duplicate photo detection, which can identify similar or duplicate images based on visual similarity.

Email attachment scanning: Some duplicate cleaner software can scan email attachments, helping you identify and manage duplicate files in your email client’s attachments folder.

Advanced sorting options: To help you quickly identify duplicates, duplicate cleaners often include advanced sorting options, such as sorting by file type, date, or size.

Bulk Actions: You can usually perform bulk actions on duplicate files, selecting all duplicates in a specific folder or based on specific criteria for removal or organization.

Cross-platform compatibility: Some duplicate cleaner tools are available for multiple operating systems, ensuring you can use the software on your preferred platform.

Technical support: Paid versions of duplicate cleaner software usually offer technical support, assisting if you run into problems or have questions about using the software.

Performance optimization: Some duplicate cleaner applications are optimized to reduce system resource usage during scans, ensuring that the software does not slow down your computer during operation.

Portable versions: Some duplicate cleaner software offers portable versions that can be run directly from a USB drive without the need for installation, making it convenient to use on multiple computers.

Integration with File Comparison Tools: In some cases, Duplicate Cleaner can integrate with file comparison tools to provide more advanced file analysis capabilities.


Duplicate Cleaner Preactivated

Duplicate Cleaner Preactivated

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