DATAKIT CrossManager v2024.2 (Preactivated/Full)

DATAKIT CrossManager v2024.2 (Preactivated/Full)

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DATAKIT CrossManager is software that allows you to convert files from most CAD formats to a variety of output formats, including 3DXML, glTF, IFC, JT, and more. CrossManager is designed to simplify the conversion of 3D CAD (computer-aided design) data. converts one format to another, allowing interoperability between different CAD systems.


DATAKIT CrossManager is a versatile solution at the forefront of CAD data exchange, allowing users to convert files from multiple CAD formats to multiple output formats. Compatible with 3DXML, glTF, IFC, JT, and other formats, CrossManager allows users to overcome the boundaries set by different CAD systems. Its main purpose is to streamline the complex process of converting 3D CAD data and to enable the exchange of design data between different CAD platforms.

By converting one format to another, DATAKIT CrossManager ensures interoperability in industries where multiple CAD software is common, facilitating collaborative efforts and improving efficiency. The software’s ability to convert and convert data from various CAD formats makes it an invaluable tool for engineers, designers, and professionals seeking an integrated approach to 3D design data, ultimately contributing to a more seamless and unified workflow across the CAD landscape. . .


DATAKIT CrossManager is a powerful software solution designed to simplify and optimize the process of converting 3D CAD data and support the interoperability of various CAD systems. This versatile tool allows users to easily convert from a variety of CAD formats, including 3DXML, glTF, IFC, and JT, to various output formats. Whether you’re working with CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, NX, Inventor, or other popular CAD platforms, CrossManager acts as a bridge to convert design data between different software ecosystems.

The importance of the software lies in its ability to facilitate a collaborative work environment where stakeholders use different CAD systems. It plays an important role in removing compatibility barriers and allows design data to be shared and used effectively across different platforms. DATAKIT CrossManager’s efficiency is highlighted by its batch conversion capability, which allows users to process multiple CAD files simultaneously, saving time and increasing productivity. In addition to format conversion, the software also includes geometry functions designed to eliminate potential differences in how geometry data interacts with different CAD systems.

This ensures the integrity of the design during conversion. CrossManager’s automation and customization options allow users to customize conversion settings to meet specific project requirements, providing flexibility to meet a variety of industry needs. At its core, DATAKIT CrossManager is a versatile and essential tool for engineering, design, and manufacturing professionals to overcome the challenges of working with multiple CAD formats.

By offering a unified platform for CAD data exchange, the software contributes to more collaborative, streamlined and integrated workflows, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the 3D design process across the industry. For the latest information and features, users are advised to refer to DATAKIT’s official documentation or contact the company directly.


Convert CAD formats: DATAKIT CrossManager allows you to convert 3D CAD data from one format to another, supporting CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, NX, Inventor, and many other CAD formats.

Output Format Options: The software allows users to convert CAD files to 3DXML, glTF, IFC, JT, and other output formats. This versatility is essential for compatibility with various CAD systems.

Batch conversion: Users can process multiple CAD files simultaneously in batch conversion mode, saving time and increasing overall efficiency when working with large datasets.

Geometry Healing: Some versions of CrossManager may contain geometry healing or correction tools during conversion. This helps to solve problems that may arise due to changes in the way different CAD systems work with geometry data.

Interoperability: CrossManager acts as a bridge between different CAD systems and ensures interoperability through the seamless exchange of design data. This is especially important in collaborative environments where multiple CAD platforms are used.

Automation and Customization: The software includes automation features that allow users to simplify repetitive tasks during conversion. In addition, there may be configuration options that allow the user to adjust the conversion settings to suit specific project requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: DATAKIT is known for creating user-friendly software, and CrossManager has a mostly intuitive interface. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users, including those with varying levels of CAD system expertise.

Updates and Support: Regular updates and customer support are important aspects of DATAKIT software. Users can access enhancements, bug fixes, and support resources to make the CrossManager experience smoother.

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