Adobe Substance 3D Stager v3.0.2.5806 Preactivated

Adobe Substance 3D Stager v3.0.2.5806 Preactivated

  • 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 (version 1909 or later) ; 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 / 11
  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor (Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor recommended)
  • 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended)
  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060, Quadro M2200 or AMD Radeon RX 580 with 4GB VRAM (Nvidia Geforce GTX 2080, Quadro RTX 4000 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT with 8GB recommended)
  • 30GB available SSD space

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Adobe Substance 3D Stager is a comprehensive software solution designed to make it easy to create, assemble, and render 3D scenes. It is part of the Adobe Substance 3D suite, which includes various 3D design and texturing applications.


Adobe Substance 3D Stager is a professional-grade 3D scene creation and rendering tool designed to help users create, assemble, and create photorealistic 3D renderings. A critical component of the Adobe Substance 3D suite, Stager integrates seamlessly with other ecosystem tools such as Substance 3D Artist, Designer, and Sampler to provide a comprehensive approach to 3D design, texture, and material creation. This collaboration allows artists, designers and 3D enthusiasts to import assets, use complex materials, and use advanced materials for a variety of applications, ensuring stability and increasing productivity.

One of the standout features of Stager is its powerful staging capabilities that allow users to easily insert and arrange 3D models, textures, and other elements. This flexibility is provided by sophisticated object manipulation tools that allow you to properly position, scale, and rotate elements within a scene. Furthermore, integration with Stager’s extensive material library and substance tools gives users more customizable materials and textures, allowing them to unleash their creativity and produce high-resolution, realistic surfaces.


Adobe Substance 3D Stager is a professional 3D scene creation and rendering tool for designers, artists, and creative professionals looking to create, assemble, and render photorealistic 3D scenes with incredible ease and precision. This powerful software is an integral part of the Adobe Substance 3D suite, a comprehensive collection of tools specifically designed for creating 3D designs, textures and materials.

With Substance 3D Stager, users can import a variety of 3D models, stage them in a virtual environment, use detailed materials and textures, and at the same time have strong integration with other Substance tools such as Painter, Designer, and Sampler. This seamless integration enables advanced material customization, providing users with an extensive library of materials and textures that can be customized to fit the specific needs of any project.

One of the highlights of Substance 3D Stager is its precise lighting and environment control, including natural sunlight, studio lighting, and HDR environments. These features allow you to create highly realistic lighting settings that enhance the overall look of the scene. Furthermore, the rendering capabilities of the software are embedded in physics-based rendering (PBR) techniques, allowing the final output to be as realistic as possible. Interactive and real-time visualization capabilities allow users to instantly see updates to their scenes, facilitating more efficient workflows and iterative design processes.

In addition to technical prowess, Substance 3D Stager offers comprehensive camera control, including multiple camera angles, visibility, depth of field adjustments, and various post-processing effects. These tools allow users to capture the perfect angle of their scene and add a professional touch to their presentations. Integration with the extensive Adobe ecosystem allows for a smooth transition from initial concept to final rendering at various stages of the design process. Not only is Substance 3D Stager a versatile tool for product visualization, marketing and advertising, but it is also essential for architectural renderings that provide detailed and realistic renderings of interior and exterior spaces.

Whether for prototyping, client presentations, or marketing campaigns, Adobe Substance 3D Stager provides professionals with the tools they need to realize 3D visualization realistically and efficiently. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Import and manage assets: Various 3D file formats are supported, allowing users to import models and textures from multiple sources.

Object Manipulation: Tools for precise placement, scaling, and rotation of objects within scenes help create complex renderings.

Hierarchical Structure: Organize and manage scene elements through structured hierarchies, making it easy to manage and modify scenes.

Material Library: Access a rich library of pre-made materials that can be customized to meet specific needs.

Seamless integration with material tools: Integrate directly with 3D material artists, designers, and samplers to create, use, and work seamlessly with advanced materials and tools.

Texture Mapping: Advanced texture mapping features allow for detailed surface setup.

Comprehensive lighting options: Includes a variety of lighting settings including natural sunlight, studio lights, custom light sources, and more.

HDR environment: Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) environment to create realistic lighting and reflections.

Control Shadows and Reflections: Fine-tune shadows and reflections to enhance the realism of your scenes.

Physics-Based Rendering (PBR): Uses PBR techniques to render photo-realistic images, making materials and lighting look like they are in the real world.

Interactive and real-time visualization: Real-time visualization allows users to see changes instantly, enabling faster iterations and adjustments.

Output flexibility: High-resolution image and animation export options suitable for a variety of applications, from marketing to product visualization.

Multiple Camera Angles: Set up multiple cameras to capture the same scene from different angles.

Depth of Field: Create professional-level photos with adjustable depth of field, focus area, and bokeh effects.

Camera Animations: Create animated camera tracks for dynamic scene presentations.

Adobe Ecosystem Integration: Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator to streamline workflows and simplify asset exchange.

Collaboration Tools: Features to share projects, collaborate with team members, and improve team efficiency and project coordination.

Scene States: Ability to save different scene states for quick comparison and iterative design processes.

User-friendly interface: User-friendly interface is designed to facilitate workflow and make complex tasks accessible.

Customizable Workspaces: Workspaces that can be customized to meet specific user needs and preferences.

Manuals and Tutorials: Extensive documentation, manuals, and tutorials help users get started quickly and maximize the tool’s capabilities.

Optimized performance: Designed to handle large and complex scenarios with modern hardware optimizations efficiently.

Cross-Platform Support: Available for Windows and macOS operating systems to serve a wide range of professional environments.

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