FontLab v8.4.0.8895 Free Download (Full Version)

FontLab v8.4.0.8895 Free Download (Full Version)

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FontLab is a professional font editor and design software used by type designers, printers, and graphic designers to create and modify digital fonts. FontLab provides comprehensive tools for designing, editing, and refining typefaces and supports the entire font creation process.


FontLab is a powerful font editor that brings a touch of magic to the world of typefaces, guiding users through the entire process of creating fonts, from simple designs to complex typography projects. This software offers a wide range of font creation options that allow users to unleash their creative imagination. FontLab’s features allow you to create and edit a wide variety of font types, including OpenType fonts, variable fonts, color fonts, and web fonts, meet the needs of a global audience, and support all Unicode writing systems.

From Latin and Cyrillic to Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and even emoji, FontLab provides a comprehensive set of tools to create fonts that transcend language and cultural boundaries. Intuitive features allow designers to use sophisticated Bezier drawing tools to modify and enhance each letter, including advanced OpenType features such as capping, spacing, padding, and context substitution. It is more than just a tool; It’s a creative companion that lets users combine symbols and shapes into cohesive, expressive typefaces, making them an indispensable ally for professionals and enthusiasts alike in the dynamic world of typeface design.


FontLab is a sophisticated font editor known for its comprehensive set of tools, allowing users to embark on a creative journey from simple designs to the details of complex typography projects. A beacon of magic in the typography industry, FontLab aims to simplify the entire font creation process, offering a wide range of images that designers can use to inspire new typeface concepts.

This versatile software is capable of creating and editing a wide variety of fonts, including OpenType fonts, variable fonts, color fonts, and web fonts. Its worldwide coverage focuses on supporting all Unicode writing systems, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and even emoji characters. It provides designers with the tools they need to cross linguistic and cultural boundaries when creating fonts.

At the heart of FontLab’s capabilities is support for sophisticated Bezier drawing tools, allowing users to precisely design and edit each glyph. This software provides precise control over font type and spacing, contributing to the creation of visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing text. OpenType’s additional features, such as strokes, placeholder glyphs, and context substitution, allow for deeper expression of typefaces, making It a solution for professionals looking for sophisticated and sophisticated typefaces.

FontLab’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it accessible to experienced typists and hobbyists exploring font design for the first time. Designers can easily modify and refine each typeface, and the software provides a platform to experiment with symbols and shapes to create cohesive and expressive typefaces.

In conclusion, FontLab is more than just a tool; It is a creative sanctuary for those who are passionate about creating a visual language for written communication. Its capabilities go far beyond font creation, creating an environment for designers to explore, innovate, and immerse themselves in their style, making FontLab an indispensable companion in the dynamic and evolving landscape of font design. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Glyph Design: FontLab allows users to create and edit individual glyphs to design characters, letters, and symbols.

Bezier Drawing Tools: The software includes sophisticated Bezier drawing tools for creating and editing curves, which are often the basis of typefaces.

Fonts and Spacing: It allows users to fine-tune character spacing and glyphs to ensure a balanced and visual flow of text.

Font Scaling: Users can set and adjust font sizes such as lead, lead, and line spacing to determine the overall size of the font.

OpenType Features: It supports the creation of advanced OpenType features such as plugins, additional glyphs, and context substitutions to improve the printing performance of fonts.

Variable Fonts: Some versions of FontLab support the creation of variable fonts, allowing designers to define multiple font styles within a single font file.

Import and Export: It supports various font file formats for importing existing fonts or exporting newly created fonts. Common formats are TrueType, OpenType, etc.

Font Testing: The software includes tools for testing and previewing fonts in various contexts to evaluate the look and feel of the fonts.

Collaboration and Version Control: FontLab may offer collaborative font design features, including version control and compatibility with version control systems.

Glyph Interpolation: Users can interpolate between different font styles to create intermediate weights or styles to add flexibility to font designs.

Unicode Support: It supports Unicode, allowing designers to create fonts that cover a wide range of characters and languages.

Sketchboard: Some versions of FontLab include a sketch or design space where designers can test out ideas before committing to a specific icon.

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