VueScan Professional v9.8.35 Free Download (Full Version)

VueScan Professional v9.8.35 Free Download (Full Version)

Do you have a Windows operating system and are you looking for a VueScan Professional download link? You’re in the right place.

In this post, you can find a VueScan Professional download link and download it at high speed because we provide a VueScan Professional direct download link with a high-speed server.

VueScan Professional is a powerful scanning program that allows you to capture high-quality images using a flat or film scanner. If you are not satisfied with the software provided by the scanner manufacturer or want to upgrade with a new feature, try this program.


VueScan Professional stands out as a versatile scanning software that is fully compatible with a wide range of high-performance flatbed and film scanners. Powered by Hamric Software and available on MacOS, Windows, and Linux platforms, it provides exceptional color resolution and balanced scanning. VueScan supports scanners without native support and provides universal drivers to improve accessibility. Designed for professionals, features such as faded color restoration make it easy to restore old or damaged photos.

The software’s batch scanning capabilities simplify operations and meet users’ productivity needs when working with multiple documents or images. VueScan’s Professional mode takes scanning to the next level, offering advanced tools such as color depth detection, color space manipulation, histogram analysis, watermarking, and more. Its broad compatibility covers more than 7,400 scanners from 42 different manufacturers, ensuring wide availability. VueScan is a testament to its user-friendly design, allowing users to download and run a scanner in just 60 seconds. It is a fast and reliable solution for professionals who require high scanning performance.


VueScan Professional is a powerful scanning application that lets you get high-quality images using a flatbed or photo frame. If you are not satisfied with the software sent by the scanner vendor or if you want to improve it with new functions you should try these functions. This program provides the basic functions of the scanner software and allows you to change the scanned parameters such as transparency, density, and output files. You can change the options and save it to a file that can be quickly loaded on a specific media type.

Before scanning an image, preview the original and crop the most interesting part. You can use one of the presets in the program (the most commonly used image size is 3×5 inches or 6×9 centimeters, etc.). For larger images, you can select multiple crops that allow you to divide the image into more sections. Before scanning, you can adjust the image’s color with the program’s help. The program offers the option to change the color balance of the image depending on the light source or the photographic environment. You can choose one of the preset settings (fluorescent, incandescent, or natural light) or manually change the brightness of each color (RGB).

The resulting image can be saved in TIFF, JPG, or PDF format, and the properties of the file can be changed at will. For example, for a PDF file, you can choose the name, compression, and paper size, and you can create a multi-page document for a package scan. The interface has two display modes: simple for advanced users and advanced for those who want to see all the options available in the program. This makes VueScan easy to use for every computer user.

In summary, VueScan is very effective software that comes with some custom options. The interface is suitable for all user categories, the response time is good, and there is no load on the system performance at all. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Scanner Compatibility: VueScan supports a large number of scanners from different manufacturers. This usually provides support for older scanner models that may not have updated drivers for newer operating systems.

Color correction and adjustment: The software offers advanced color correction tools that allow users to improve and adjust the color balance of scanned images. It includes features to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Batch scanning: VueScan allows users to scan multiple images and documents in one batch, saving time and effort.

Film and slide scanning: This allows you to scan negatives, slides, and film, and work with different types of film and formats.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition): VueScan Professional includes an OCR feature that allows users to convert scanned documents into editable text.

File format: It supports JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and various other file formats for saving scanned images.

Customization and advanced settings: Users can access a wide range of advanced settings and options to customize their scanning settings.

Multilingual Support: VueScan is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to users from all over the world.

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