Advanced Renamer Commercial v3.95 (Preactivated/Full)

Advanced Renamer Commercial v3.95 (Preactivated/Full)

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Advanced Renamer is a renaming software for Windows. It allows users to rename multiple files and folders simultaneously using various renaming methods and rules. Advanced Renamer is a package for Windows that allows you to rename multiple files according to rules.


Advanced Renamer is a versatile renaming software exclusively for Windows users that offers a powerful solution to simplify the tedious task of renaming multiple files and folders at once. With a user-friendly interface, this program provides many methods and rules that allow you to greatly customize the name change process. User can easily add, remove, replace, or change capitalization as per their choice of name. The software supports renaming packages and allows you to efficiently organize large files with just a few clicks.

An invaluable feature of Advanced Renamer is the preview function, which allows users to visually see the results of the renaming process before making changes, ensuring accuracy and preventing unwanted errors. In addition, the software recognizes the importance of metadata, allowing users to add information such as date, time, and EXIF data to new file names. At its core, Advanced Renamer is a complete suite for Windows users looking for an efficient and intuitive file and folder renaming solution, providing a seamless experience through its rich features and rules.


Advanced Renamer Commercial is an enhanced and feature-rich version of Advanced Renamer software for Windows users. This commercial version offers a comprehensive package renaming solution, allowing users to easily and efficiently manage and organize multiple files and folders. One of the outstanding features of Advanced Renamer Commercial is its versatile set of renaming methods and rules. Users have the flexibility to add, delete, replace, and rename folders, offering a highly customized approach to renaming files and folders.

The commercial version retains the user-friendly interface of the previous version, allowing both novice and advanced users to use it seamlessly. The software’s intuitive design is combined with a powerful preview feature that allows users to visually see the results of the renaming process before making changes. This preview feature helps users avoid unwanted mistakes and provides more precision to ensure that the renamed files meet their specific requirements.

A key aspect of Advanced Renamer Commercial is recognizing the importance of metadata. Users can add additional information such as date and time to new file names using metadata tags. This feature improves the software tools and creates a more organized and meaningful file naming system, especially for users dealing with media files that contain embedded metadata.

The commercial version offers more advantages than the free version, such as superior support and additional features. These improvements contribute to a more robust and efficient file and folder management experience, making it a good choice for users with more extensive or specific renaming needs.

In conclusion, Advanced Renamer Commercial is a premium renaming solution for Windows users that offers a wide range of tools and features to simplify the process of renaming files and folders. A user-friendly interface, powerful renaming methods, preview functionality, and metadata support make it a valuable asset for individuals and professionals looking for an efficient and customizable solution for organizing their digital files.


Extended renaming methods: Commercial versions often include an extended set of renaming methods and rules beyond what is available in the free version. It may include more advanced filename management options.

Advanced Filtering: There may be advanced filtering capabilities that allow users to more precisely select files based on criteria such as file type, size, date, and other metadata.

Priority support: Business users often receive priority customer support, which allows for quick resolution of any issues or questions.

Commercial Use License: The commercial version is usually licensed for use in a business or professional environment and provides legal guarantees for commercial use.

Integration with external tools: Some commercial versions offer integration with external tools or scripts, extending the software’s functionality and compatibility with other applications.

Bulk processing: Efficient and fast processing of very large files for the needs of professional users working with large file libraries.

Lifetime Updates: Commercial licenses often include free or discounted access to future updates and new features, so users always have the latest enhancements.

Improved Metadata Handling: Improved support for processing and managing metadata associated with files, and offers more options for including metadata in the renaming process.

Custom Scripts: Advanced users benefit from the ability to create and use custom scripts to rename tasks, providing an additional layer of flexibility and automation.

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