4K Image Compressor v1.5.0.0280 (Full Version)

4K Image Compressor v1.5.0.0280 (Full Version)

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4K Image Compressor is a desktop application that helps you easily resize PNG, JPEG, and WEBP files with high-quality output. It allows you to adjust the size according to your needs and allows you to reduce PNG, JPEG, and WEBP images by percentage or specific megabytes or kilobytes. You can also batch-resize images and compress images in all popular formats.


4K Image Compressor is a user-friendly desktop application that simplifies the process of resizing PNG, JPEG, and WEBP files while preserving high-quality output. This versatile tool gives you control and allows you to easily adjust the image size to suit your requirements. With an intuitive interface, you can reduce the size of PNG, JPEG, and WEBP images by percentages, megabytes, or kilobytes. The flexibility offered by this program extends to changing batch sizes, allowing users to efficiently process multiple images at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for optimal web performance or struggling with storage limitations, the 4K Image Compressor can handle a variety of image formats and easily meet your resizing and compression needs. Focused on providing quality products, this software meets the requirements of users looking for a reliable solution to improve workflow efficiency and optimize image files of various formats.


4K Image Compressor is a powerful desktop application for resizing and optimizing image files, with a focus on preserving high-quality output. This versatile tool supports popular image formats such as PNG, JPEG, and WEBP and provides users with an effective solution to resize images to suit their needs. The program’s user-friendly interface makes the resizing process accessible to users of all skill levels and allows easy resizing of images. 4K Image Compressor offers various resizing options that allow users to reduce image size by a certain percentage or by megabytes or kilobytes.

This level of customization is critical for individuals and businesses looking to optimize images for a variety of purposes, whether it’s web optimization, storage constraints, or other special requirements. One of the great features of a 4K Video Compressor is the ease of batch resizing. This feature allows users to process multiple images simultaneously, improving workflow efficiency and saving valuable time, especially when working with large image collections. The application’s support for batch processing is a valuable asset for users who work with large numbers of images that need frequent resizing or compression.

Its focus on preserving image quality sets it apart from other image compression tools. Users can confidently resize and compress images without losing visual integrity. This is especially useful for professionals and creatives who need to closely monitor the quality of visual assets. 4K Image Compressor can be adapted to a variety of applications to meet the needs of web developers, graphic designers, photographers, and anyone who works with images in a digital environment. Support for multiple image formats provides versatility and allows users to work with different types of files depending on their projects and preferences.

In conclusion, the 4K Image Compressor stands out as a complete solution for resizing, compressing, and compressing images with precision and efficiency. A user-friendly interface, support for popular image formats, and advanced resizing options make it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. Whether the goal is to improve website performance, manage storage space, or maintain image quality consistency across projects, 4K Image Compressor offers a reliable, feature-rich solution for a wide range of image processing needs across the digital landscape.


Image resizing: Designed specifically to work with 4K resolution, the image resizing capability allows users to adjust the size as per their needs.

Format Support: Support for popular image formats such as PNG, JPEG, and WEBP allows for versatility and compatibility across platforms and use cases.

High-Quality Output: Ability to compress images while maintaining high visual quality. This is especially important for applications where image fidelity is critical.

Adjustable compression levels: Users can choose different compression levels or methods to find a balance between reducing file size and preserving image quality.

Custom compression settings: Options to change compression settings, such as reducing image size by percentage or by specific megabytes or kilobytes.

Batch Processing: Efficient simultaneous handling of multiple images allows users to process and compress entire collections or libraries of images simultaneously.

User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the compression process and makes it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Preserve Metadata: Some tools may offer an option to preserve important metadata (such as EXIF data) during compression.

Fast performance: Efficient and fast image processing to save time, especially when working with large volumes of high-resolution images.

The versatility of use: Adapt to a variety of use cases and meet the needs of web developers, graphic designers, photographers, and other visual content professionals.

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