VX Search v15.9.14 (Preactivated/Full)

VX Search v15.9.14 (Preactivated/Full)

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VX Search is a powerful and versatile file search tool designed to help users quickly and efficiently find files on computer systems or network storage. It offers a wide range of functions to optimize the file search process according to a wide range of criteria, including file name, size, date, type, and content.


VX Search is an advanced file search, sorting, and management software tool. It provides users with a powerful solution to quickly find specific files and documents on computer systems or network storage. It offers a variety of features, including customizable search profiles, real-time file classification, and the ability to perform predefined actions when searching for specific files.

In addition, VX Search supports network shares and NAS devices, allowing users to search files from multiple computers or storage devices in a networked environment. The software is especially useful for individuals and organizations dealing with large amounts of data who need an efficient tool to organize and access their files.


VX Search is a versatile, feature-rich software tool designed to improve file searching, sorting, and management for users dealing with large amounts of data on computer systems and network storage. It is primarily designed to streamline the process of searching for specific files and documents quickly and efficiently.

One of VX Search’s standout features are search profiles that allow users to customize their search criteria to suit their needs. Users can refine their search query and identify the desired file by specifying various parameters such as file type, size, creation date, and even custom attributes.

In addition to powerful search capabilities, VX Search also offers real-time file sorting functionality. This feature automatically sorts files according to predefined rules and criteria, allowing users to gain insight into their data and organize it more efficiently. By instantly categorizing files, It gives users a dynamic and up-to-date view of their file system, helping them make better management and decisions.

Furthermore, VX Search allows users to find specific files or perform predefined actions after certain criteria are met. These actions include moving, copying, deleting, or even running custom scripts to give users more flexibility and automation in managing their files.

VX Search supports network shares and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, allowing users to search files from multiple computers or storage devices in a networked environment. This capability is particularly useful in organizations with distributed file systems or collaborative work environments where access to files stored on various network resources is critical.

In addition, VX Search offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, making it accessible to all levels of professionals. The software provides comprehensive reports and summaries of search results, allowing users to quickly review and analyze search query results.

Overall, VX Search emerges as a powerful solution for individuals and organizations looking for an efficient file search, sorting, and management tool. Whether for personal or professional use, It enables users to control their data, increase productivity, and optimize file management workflows with ease and precision. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Advanced Search Features: VX Search uses advanced algorithms to quickly and accurately search files based on user-defined criteria. This includes support for substitution patterns, regular expressions, and complex search queries.

Multiple Search Modes: The software offers various search modes to meet different user needs, including standard search, nearest fuzzy search, and Boolean search for advanced filtering.

Custom Search Profiles: Users can create and save custom search profiles to simplify repetitive search tasks. These profiles may contain predefined search criteria, filters and options to speed up the search process.

Real-time File Classification: It automatically classifies files by attributes, allowing users to quickly identify and organize files by attributes.

File Management Operations: In addition to searching for files, VX Search also allows users to perform various file management operations directly from the search results. This includes copying, moving, deleting, and archiving files, as well as executing custom scripts or commands.

Reports and Analysis: The software generates detailed reports and statistics summarizing the results of each search activity. This includes information such as the number of files found, total file size, distribution by file type, and other relevant metrics.

Integration with Other Tools: Depending on the version, VX Search may offer integration with other file management, data transfer, or system optimization tools to improve the overall functionality and interoperability of the user’s computing environment.


VX Search Full Preactivated

VX Search Full Preactivated

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