Vidmore Player v1.1.58 (Preactivated/Full)

Vidmore Player v1.1.58 (Preactivated/Full)

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Vidmore Player is a universal media player that can play any Blu-ray, DVD, folder, or ISO file, as well as any video and audio file format in lossless and high quality. It offers a smooth and personalized multimedia experience with floating menus, subtitles, audio tracks, subtitles, screen size, effects, and snapshot options.


Vidmore Player stands out as a versatile and comprehensive media player that can easily handle multiple multimedia formats. Its universal compatibility allows for lossless, high-definition playback of Blu-ray discs, DVDs, folders, and ISO files, as well as various video and audio file formats. This player differentiates itself by offering users a personalized and smooth multimedia journey. With floating menus, viewers can easily navigate through their media, while subtitles, audio recording, and screen resizing options allow users to customize playback to their liking.

Vidmore Player’s commitment to providing the best experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of visual effects and snapshot capabilities, allowing users to capture still images of their favorite moments. Whether it’s immersive Blu-ray and DVD content playback or seamless access to a variety of media files, the Vidmore player is a reliable and user-friendly solution that allows users to enjoy their multimedia content with superior quality and flexibility. transform your viewing and listening experience.


Vidmore Player is a versatile and feature-rich media player designed to offer users a complete and customizable multimedia experience. This universal player stands out for its ability to work with multiple media formats, making it the ideal solution for users looking for a single platform to play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, folders, ISO files, and various video and audio formats. . . The player provides not only lossless playback but also high-quality audio and video performance. Its compatibility extends to Windows and macOS, giving users the flexibility to choose their preferred platform.

One of Vidmore Player’s strengths is its user-friendly interface, which creates an intuitive and accessible experience for users of all skill levels. The inclusion of a floating menu improves navigation efficiency and allows users to seamlessly access and control playback options. The player’s ability to manage Blu-ray and DVD content allows users to play Full HD videos with customizable features such as subtitles, audio recording, screen size adjustment, and more.

The Vidmore player goes beyond just playback by offering a variety of settings to customize the viewing and listening experience to individual preferences. Users can adjust subtitles, audio tracks, and screen sizes to enhance their multimedia experience. The player also offers visual effects options that allow users to further personalize their viewing environment. In addition, snapshots allow users to record their favorite moments. Vidmore Player’s commitment to delivering the best multimedia experience is evident in its emphasis on high-quality playback. Whether it’s Blu-ray, DVD content, or a variety of video and audio file formats, the player strives to ensure no loss of quality, allowing users to experience their media in the most faithful way possible.

In conclusion, Vidmore Player is an all-in-one media player that combines versatility with a user-friendly design. Its wide format compatibility, lossless playback, and customization capabilities make it a reliable solution for those looking to consolidate their media playback needs into a single, efficient platform. Whether watching movies, listening to music, or navigating through interactive menus on Blu-ray and DVD content, the Vidmore player provides a seamless and personalized multimedia experience for users on different operating systems. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Vidmore Player is a valuable tool in the field of multimedia playback. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Universal Media Playback: Vidmore Player supports a wide range of media formats, including Blu-ray, DVD, folders, ISO files, and various video and audio file formats.

High-Quality Playback: The player is designed to play audio and video in high quality, giving you an amazing and enjoyable multimedia experience.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Vidmore Player is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, offering flexibility to users on different platforms.

Floating Menu: The inclusion of a floating menu improves the user interface and allows for efficient navigation and control of playback options.

Subtitle Support: Users can set subtitle options including loading and setting subtitles.

Audio Track Selection: The player allows the user to select different audio tracks, which provides flexibility in choosing a selected language track or audio source.

Screen Size Adjustment: Vidmore Player allows users to customize the screen size to optimize the viewing experience.

Visual Effects: Users have access to visual effects options that allow them to further customize and enhance the visual presentation.

Snapshot: Snapshot allows users to capture still images from videos to capture favorite moments and scenes.

User-friendly interface: Vidmore player has a mostly user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users with different levels of technical knowledge.

Playlist Management: Users can create and manage playlists for continuous playback of multiple media files, creating a convenient way to organize content.

Customization Options: The player offers various customization options that allow users to customize their multimedia experience by adjusting settings such as subtitles, audio tracks, and screen size.

Lossless Playback: Vidmore players are designed to be lossless during playback, allowing users to experience high-definition audio and video performance.


Vidmore Player Full Preactivated

Vidmore Player Full Preactivated

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