Viber v22.6.1.0 (Preactivated/Full)

Viber v22.6.1.0 (Preactivated/Full)

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Viber for Desktop is a cross-platform tool. If you want to continue ongoing conversations from your smartphone to your computer, you can use Viber for your PC. All conversations will be updated in real-time in Viber on all your devices. With a variety of calling and messaging features, you have endless ways to express yourself.


Viber for PC stands out as a cross-platform tool that bridges the gap between your smartphone and PC. By allowing users to easily transfer ongoing conversations from their mobile devices to their computers, Viber ensures seamless and uninterrupted communication. Real-time sync of conversations across all devices keeps you connected and up to date, no matter what platform you’re using. Whether you’re on the go with your smartphone or desktop, Viber for PC ensures all your conversations are always up to date.

In addition to connectivity, Viber offers a wide range of calling and texting options, giving users plenty of opportunities to express themselves. It allows users to communicate according to their preferences, from high-quality voice and video calls to various messaging tools. Its versatility on a desktop not only enhances convenience but also enables seamless communication, making it an essential tool for those who value flexibility and flexibility in their digital interactions. With Viber, boundaries between devices disappear, allowing users to express themselves limitlessly on their favorite platforms.


As a leading communication platform, Viber offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience that easily connects people around the world. Available as a cross-platform tool, It serves both smartphone and desktop users, enabling seamless conversations regardless of the device used. With Viber for PC, users can easily transfer ongoing conversations from their mobile devices to their desktops, allowing instant transitions and real-time syncing of messages.

One of the great features of Viber is its ability to update in real-time across all devices. This allows users to stay informed and keep conversations updated while on the go with their smartphones or at their desktops. The platform’s ability to maintain synchronization improves communication efficiency and makes it a reliable choice for those who value continuous communication.

It has many features for calling and texting and gives users different ways to express themselves. The platform supports high-quality voice and video calls and provides transparent communication regardless of geographical distance. In addition, Viber’s messaging capabilities go beyond just texting, offering a variety of multimedia options, stickers, and emojis to enhance the expressive capabilities of conversations.

Its versatility extends to cross-device compatibility, allowing users to easily access conversations from smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This adaptability not only facilitates communication but also takes into account the dynamic and diverse lifestyles of users. Privacy and security are paramount to Its design. The platform uses end-to-end encryption for individual and group chats to ensure the privacy and security of user communications. This commitment to security adds a layer of confidence to users who are concerned about protecting their sensitive data.

In conclusion, Viber is a powerful and flexible communication tool that breaks down barriers between devices and offers a seamless experience to users around the world. Its cross-platform capabilities, real-time updates, variety of communication features, and commitment to security make Viber an attractive choice for those looking for a reliable and transparent communication platform for both personal and professional use.


Cross-Platform Functionality: Viber is designed to work seamlessly across various platforms including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It allows users to easily transfer conversations between devices, ensuring a seamless and seamless communication experience.

Real-time synchronization: Viber updates conversations in real-time across all connected devices. This feature allows users to stay in touch with their messages whether they are using a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Messaging Features: It offers a variety of messaging tools, including text messaging, multimedia sharing (photos, videos, files), stickers, emojis, and location sharing. These features enhance conversational expressiveness.

Voice and Video Calling: It supports high-quality voice and video calling that allows users to connect with friends, family, or colleagues around the world. The platform’s call quality contributes to a reliable and intuitive communication experience.

Group Chat: Users can create group chats to bring friends, family, and colleagues together in one conversation. Group chat supports a variety of multimedia-sharing options and makes it easy for multiple users to collaborate and communicate.

Public Accounts: It offers public accounts for businesses, celebrities, and brands. These accounts allow users to follow and interact with their favorite individuals or organizations, creating a more interactive experience.

Hidden Chat: It has a feature called hidden chat that allows users to hide certain conversations and protect them with a PIN or fingerprint lock. This ensures an extra layer of privacy for sensitive discussions.

Sticker Market: Its Sticker Market offers a variety of stickers and emojis that users can use to express themselves creatively in their conversations. The platform regularly updates its sticker collection to keep the content fresh and interesting.

Games and Doodles: It offers in-app entertainment options such as games that users can play with their contacts. Additionally, users can doodle on photos before sharing them in a conversation, adding a fun element to communications.

End-to-end Encryption: Security is Viber’s top priority, and the platform uses end-to-end encryption for both one-on-one and group chats. It allows user communication to be kept private and secure.

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