Comic Collector v23.7.3 (Preactivated/Full)
Comic Collector Comic Collector v23.7.3 (Preactivated/Full)

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| Reviews

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Comic Collector is a desktop program for Windows that allows you to catalog your comics. The software automatically provides release details such as title, publisher, imprint, cover, synopsis, and more.


Comic Collector is a downloadable desktop application designed specifically for Windows users that offers an efficient and intuitive solution for cataloging and managing comic collections. Whether you’re an avid collector or a casual hobbyist, this app simplifies the process of organizing your comics by providing an easy platform for manual entry or quick barcode scanning. A unique feature of the program is its automation capabilities, which make it easy to obtain and fill out detailed version information. Comics Collector provides a detailed and accurate display of everything from the title and publisher of the comics in your collection, to imprints, cover art, abstracts, and more.

The software’s commitment to streamlining the cataloging process extends to dynamic search functionality, allowing users to quickly find specific comics or information in their library. Additionally, Comic Collector integrates with the CLZ cloud, allowing users to easily sync their comic collections across devices. This cloud-based functionality allows for anytime access to catalog information and facilitates integrated and dynamic management of comics. With its adaptability, automation features, and user-friendly design, Comic Collector is an essential tool that makes managing and using your comic collection simple and enjoyable.


Comic Collector by is a comprehensive, user-friendly desktop application carefully designed for Windows users, providing a complete solution for cataloging and managing comic book collections. Designed for both avid collectors and casual enthusiasts, this downloadable software offers an intuitive platform for organizing and using a diverse library of comics. The program’s versatility comes with support for manual entry or the ability to quickly scan barcodes, giving users flexibility in the cataloging process. One of Comic Collector’s unique features is its automation capabilities, which make it easy for the software to capture and populate information across multiple issues. Each comic in the collection is carefully presented, from title and publisher to imprint, cover, synopsis and more, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Comic Collector further enhances the user experience with a dynamic search feature that allows you to quickly navigate through its extensive collection. The program’s commitment to user-friendly design is evident in its intuitive interface, which suits users with varying levels of technical knowledge. This design approach makes the cataloging process simple and enjoyable. Comic Collector’s integration with CLZ Cloud makes comic management even more convenient. Users can easily sync their comic collection across devices and have access to cataloged information at any time. This cloud-based feature makes managing your comic book library more connected and dynamic.

In addition to automation and synchronization features, Comic Collector supports personalization, allowing users to customize their comic database by adding covers, editing comic details, and enhancing the information associated with each entry. This customization allows the catalog to reflect the unique preferences and characteristics of each user’s comic collection. Overall, Comic Collector is an invaluable tool for comic book enthusiasts, offering a feature-rich environment for cataloging, organizing, and managing your collection. Its adaptability, automation features, and customization capabilities make it a must-have for those who want a seamless and enjoyable comic management experience that turns it into an organized and enjoyable experience for collectors of all levels. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Cataloging by title or barcode: Users can add comics to their collection by entering titles or scanning barcodes for faster and more accurate cataloging.

Issue Information Automation: Comic Collector automatically collects and populates important issue information such as title, publisher, imprint, cover, synopsis, and more. This automation saves time and ensures the accuracy of cataloged data.

Database Customization: The software allows users to customize the comic database by adding covers, editing comic details, and improving the information associated with each entry. This setting allows you to personalize and accurately represent a user’s comic book collection.

Online Database Integration: Comic Collector integrates frequently with online databases and automatically pulls detailed comic book information from trusted sources. This integration allows users to access complete and up-to-date information.

Sorting and filtering options: Users can sort and browse their comic book collection based on various criteria such as series, publisher, year of release, etc. Sorting and filtering options provide flexibility in how users interact with their catalog.

User-friendly interface: The software has a flexible and user-friendly interface designed for users with varying levels of technical knowledge. Navigating the apps is usually easy.

Dynamic search function: Comic aggregators often include a dynamic search feature that allows users to quickly find specific comics or information in their collection.

Cover Integration: Comic Collector allows users to enhance their catalog entries, including covers. This visual element adds professionalism and aesthetic appeal to comic book catalogs.

Comprehensive Comic Information: Users can store vast amounts of information about each comic, such as authors, characters, storylines, and more. This promotes a comprehensive and in-depth review of comics collections.

CLZ Cloud Sync: Comic Collector integrates with the CLZ Cloud, allowing users to easily sync their comic collection across multiple devices. This cloud-based functionality allows access to cataloged information anytime, anywhere.

Export and backup functions: Users can export cataloged comic book data for backup or sharing. This feature adds an extra layer of security and convenience.


Comic Collector Preactivated Full

Comic Collector Preactivated Full

Supported OS
Windows 11/10/8.1/7
Intel Pentium 4 (4.00GHz) or later required
Memory (RAM)
2 GB of Ram or higher required
Additional Disk Space
100 MB of free space or more required
Internet Connection
Product Name
Comic Collector
Created By
CPUs Architecture
x86 (32-bit) & x64 (64-bit)
Products Type
Full Version
Release Date
Dec 03, 2023
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