YouTube Vanced v16.29.39 Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Free Download YouTube Vanced Mod Apk Premium Unlocked for Android. YouTube Vanced – What tool do you think of first if you want to watch a video? Of course, YouTube is the most powerful video social network today. We can understand that tens of thousands of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day. We can find videos of many issues. There is a history of culture, technology, and cooking; Music videos have become more popular thanks to this channel.

Youtube VancedRecently, YouTube publishers have been working effectively to make it look like a social network. For example, you use Facebook to post photos, statuses, and share real-life experiences. YouTube works the same way, but the content that users have to submit is video. There are also search and opening features such as Instagram. One of YouTube’s favorite and most challenging features is that you can make money from it. If your content is unique enough and attracts a lot of people, you will make a lot of money from it

So you see how advantageous YouTube is and how much individuals love it. In general, everything here is free and you can watch it whenever you want. But the closer you get to social media, the more problems you have on many other social networks. The first is the ad, which is directly attached to the video content. While it is not possible to prohibit the creation of videos and content signed by advertisers, there are several precautions to be taken as ads are attached around the video.

YouTube Vanced is the most popular tool. This is not a typical ad-blocking tool; This is a YouTube App. This means that the software will replace the YouTube application you use on your mobile device. If you want to use YouTube, you will enable YouTube Vanced; All its content is taken from YouTube and block ads within the ad. But this is actually a free tree program, not YouTube Premium. If you do not use anti-theft software, you can purchase a premium YouTube package.

In addition, YouTube Vanced has a video background function. Just like you want to listen to music on YouTube (which means you don’t play on another planet), you can’t turn on the screen and add another app. If you just want to listen to music and browse Facebook, this is very inconvenient as it seems impossible. This VANCED version will help you. Alternatively, if you want to listen to a song that has been repeated many times but you don’t want to upload to YouTube, you can install it on your video.


Just download it from below. But you can’t watch videos like adult account-free content. Some advantages, such as orders, recommendations, viewing functions. If you want to sign in with a Google account, you’ll need to download an additional app called microG. Click on the MicroG file registration field during registration. So you will go to the mirror website to download the MicroG application. Then download and install the micro. Open YouTube vanced and use its features.


  • No root and google services are required (in NON-ROOT version)
    Can be installed next to the official application without uninstalling it (in NON-ROOT version)
  • Advertising is completely cut out (all that remains of it are yellow dots on the rewind bar)
    Background playback is enabled (enabled by default, disabled in settings) (Settings> Background and offline mode)
  • The function of removing the restriction of permission. You can watch 2K video on an 800 * 480 screen (Settings> Vanced Settings> Video Quality)
  • Selecting the default quality (for WiFi and/or mobile data separately) (Settings> Vanced Settings> Video Quality)
  • Ability to disable info cards, suggestions, and channel watermark in the video (Settings> Vanced Settings> Layout Settings)
  • It is possible to enable the VP9 encoder to improve quality and save traffic, but the video slows down if the older encoder does not support this encoder on the device (Settings> Vanced Settings> Codec Override)
  • Selecting the minimized video style (old or new) (Settings> Vanced Settings> Layout Settings)
  • Pinch zoom activated (now works on all devices)
  • Added video repeat setting (Settings> Vanced Settings> Misc)
  • Added the ability to choose between a standard white theme and an additional dark / black theme (Settings> Vanced Settings> Layout Settings)
  • Added the ability to force HDR on (Settings> Vanced Settings> Misc)
  • Added default video speed selection setting (Settings> Vanced Settings> Video Quality)
  • Added the ability to disable the broadcast button on the TV (Settings> Vanced Settings> Layout Settings)
  • Added the ability to enable a new version of the ExoPlayer v2 player in test mode (Settings> Vanced Settings> Misc)
  • Added option to turn on subtitles automatically when audio is muted
  • Added option to enable rewind buttons


  • No Root supported apk
  • No Split mod apk
  • Lite mod separated CPU supported
  • English Language only available
  • Vanced microG universal CPU supported


Youtube Vanced Youtube Vanced


App Name YouTube Vanced
Version 16.29.39
Developer Team Vanced
Updated September 23, 2021
Requirements 5.0 and up
Languages Multilingual
Get it on Get it on Google PlayStore


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