Smadav Pro Antivirus 2021 v14.6.2 Repack & Portable


Smadav Pro offers you a side of the existing antivirus solution. It is possible to use this program as the main software, but it is recommended not to take full advantage of the ability to keep your files safe.

Samdav Pro Full Version Repack & Portable
Samdav Pro Full Version Repack & Portable

Having an Indonesian application has nothing to do with our recommendation and advertises your computer as additional protection, but ask yourself why you should install another program and add additional protection to the antivirus software installed on your system.

This is perfectly understandable for antivirus and firewall protection masks. Therefore, installing Smadav Pro 2021 indicates a lack of confidence in your actual security. This can be easily solved by finding a smarter solution than putting your computer to extra, pointless work.

If you choose to scan, Smadav Pro 2021 can detect even the most commonly used test file on the Internet, provided it does not interfere with downloading or running. It summarizes the benefits of software that is ready for real-time protection.

However, this is to help create stronger protection against threats by adding USB armor and helmets to detect external lines. The idea behind this software is nonsense.

Working with Smadav Pro 2021 is not such a visual and operational experience. It is poorly written and does not require an advanced user to realize it. And it only takes two minutes to get angry at the overall performance.

All in all, Smadav Pro 2021 can only steal precious minutes from your time and do nothing else. Its features don’t keep up with today’s software era, and if you’re not happy with your antivirus solution, go with the big boys. They are many, and even not so expensive.


Online Automatic Update:

  • Smadav Pro can automatically update via internet connection every time a new version is released. Smadav will automatically install new versions without a user command. Unlike free Smadav, you need to download the new version on and do the update manually, and to update Smadav on your computer, first open Smadav.

Faster Scanning:

  • Smad-Turbo can be enabled to speed up the scanning process. Because Smadav filters by file type, Smadav only scans the color of the file for viruses. This feature is very useful for speeding up the scanning process without compromising the ability to detect.

Emergency List:

  • Smadav Exception List Pro has the property of ignoring (ignoring) the scanning of files, folders, or specific records that you consider safe. Once a file, folder, or log is added to a special list, it is ignored and no longer considered a Smadav virus.

Zoom in/out:

  • If you think the scope of Smadav is still small, you can click the Maximize button or resize (resize) Smadav manually. Or, if the user thinks Smadav is looking too big, click on the Hide Panel to remove the correct panel and automatically make Smadav smaller.

Change the Color Theme:

  • Smadav Pro can change the color theme for the first time, and Smadav green is the color of your choice. In the theme color settings, the user can find their favorite color palette for the Smadav theme. After the user changes the color of the subject, the brightness of the entire Smadav screen turns into a shadow of the user’s choice.

Profit Permission:

  • The Smadav Free version is only allowed to be used as a computer/personal laptop for non-profit purposes at home or in a non-profit organization. The Smadav Pro version is used by Smadav or members of the organization for profit (companies, cafes, shops, rentals, computer services, studios, etc.).

Admin Password:

  • If the user is a computer network administrator (cafe, company, etc.), he must restrict the use of Smadav by adding a password to access the full features of Smadav. Users will be able to continue scanning and cleaning, but will not be able to access the quarantine properties, updates, tools, and settings on Smadav unless you have an administrator password set.


Smadav Pro 2021 Revision 14.6 (2021-01-16):

  • New 7051 virus database added
  • The latest Smadav-AI (AI version 9.82M), which detects most newly unrecognized viruses and reduces detection errors
  • Smadav-AI is more proactive in detecting suspicious applications
  • Added AI detection level selection feature for scanning
  • Renaming of viruses detected by AI
  • Changes in some settings

Smadav Pro 2020 Revision 14.5 (2020-12-28):

  • Add 11,570 new virus databases
  • Smadav’s latest artificial intelligence (AI version 9.38M) detects most unknown new viruses and reduces detection errors


Smadav Pro Full Version
Smadav Pro Full Version


  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7,  Windows Vista & Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later required
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB+ of RAM required
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB+ of free space required


  • Name: Smadav Pro
  • Version: 2021 Revision 14.6.2
  • Bit Version: x64 & x86 both
  • License Type: Full version
  • Release Date: 2021-01-16
  • Developer: Zainuddin Nafarin
  • Packed Type: Repack & Portable
  • Malware Check: Trusted
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • File Type: Zip
  • File Size: 14.5 MB


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