MX Player v1.47.1-Beta Mod APK Premium Unlocked [Ad-Free]

Free Download MX Player Beta Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Ads-Free APK. MX Player is one of the most effective apps for watching videos on your phone. Only your smartphone can be said to have installed this software and become a powerful video playback tool like a PC. You can make it flexible, customizable, and easily edit videos. J2 Interactive is a high-quality manufacturer that has earned the trust of many in the industry. They released a lot of player versions. This proves their positive support from the community. Versions, multi-purpose, and configuration, support, bug fixes. The studio’s approach to its products is very serious and admirable.

MX Player Mod Apk No Ads

The Android operating system is the most powerful operating system for most mobile devices today. It is open-source, compatible with most devices, and allows you to develop a wide variety of applications. However, its default applications are diverse but do not meet all the needs of the user, usually watching videos in the most comfortable way. Therefore, users will look for other support programs and find the best user experience, even if the differences are not so significant. MX Player, which is usually a video player with many advanced features, allows users to watch many of the best movies or videos.


MX Player Pro is a video player, so it has a simple and uncomplicated user interface. Its interface uses simple colors, allowing users to customize them and give the app and device a new look. The app is programmed to automatically scan all videos or movies on the user’s device, and they will appear on the user’s home screen. Not only that, but through the interface, users can organize their videos by uploading videos, moving folders, and creating new folders. Of course, users can change the folder name and video to make it easier to organize. The app’s interface will be a versatile search engine that will help users search all video formats in the device’s memory.


Compared to other video players on the Android market, MX Player is one of the most reliable applications because it always gives users a lot of features and experience. It includes a video viewing experience where users can interact with everything from video, sound, clarity, and subtitles. If you think the videos that show the app’s homepage are simple files, everything is wrong. The app is programmed to analyze and receive different subtitles included in the video. After analyzing the video file, we can say that users will experience a brand new video compared to other programs.


For other video players, users must find the best viewing experience using real buttons or device features. However, this application eliminates the need for users to use the device’s physical keys and does not affect the device’s default settings. Instead, users only need to adjust the sharpness, volume, video position, zoom, and subtitle using simple actions on different parts of the screen. Yes, after analyzing the subtitle format, the program allows the user to move the entire subtitle to another location and view it better. Not only that, but users can change the video resolution and experience the best movie without having to go through complicated steps.


MX Player is not only an imaginative player but also allows users to import subtitled files for their movies. The application comes with hundreds of fonts and colors for users, as well as subtitle editing tools. In addition, the program supports many other languages, and users can freely switch between languages ​​thanks to the support tool attached to the interface. Of course, users can create a separate folder to store all the subtitles and easily organize them through the program interface.


MX Player is programmed with many advanced features and mechanisms, allowing for fast video processing and giving users an experience that other apps can’t. In addition, MX Player Pro is one of the first video player apps on Android to use multi-core decoding. Test results on dual-core devices show up to 70% performance compared to single-core devices, thus optimizing device performance and avoiding interfering with the user’s video viewing experience.


  • Hardware Acceleration – Hardware Acceleration can be used for more videos with the new HW + decoder.
  • Multi-core decoding – The MX player is the first Android video player to support multi-core decoding. Test results confirm that the performance of dual-core devices is 70% better than that of single-core devices.
  • Pinch to zoom in, zoom in, pan out – You can pinch, swipe, and zoom in on the screen. Zoom and Pan are also optional.
  • Subtitle Translation Gestures – Scroll back and forth to move to the next/previous text, zoom in / out to move the text up and down, and zoom in / out to resize the text.
  • Kids Lock – Have fun with your kids without having to worry about making calls or touching other apps. (plugin required)



  • Removed ads. Removed all Google code, except for the one needed to support Chromecast, stat-anal, evaluation window, and update suggestion window.
  • Cut off unnecessary Internet access.
  • Languages EN, RU, UK.
  • Removed file sharing.
  • New interface for boxes / TV.
  • Removed splash about the new interface (for remote controllers).


  • 100% Adfree (All Ads Removed including Normal App Ads, MX Ads, List Ads, Banner Ads, MX Promotion Ads, 143 Precise)
  • All Ads Activity Disabled(No Bg Ads running, Because Ads are Removed, Not Hidden)
  • Developer Analytics Removed
  • Google Analytics Removed
  • Interaction With Other MX Apps Disabled
  • Language English Only
  • Unnecessary Activities & Permissions Disabled
  • FireBase, Play Services & Other Services Trash Removed
  • AppsFlyer Analytics Removed
  • Analytics & Trackers Removed


mx player mod apk download


App Name MX Player
Version 1.47.1-beta
Developer J2 Interactive
Updated June 12, 2022
Requirements 5.0 and up
Languages Multilingual
Get it on Get it on Google PlayStore


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