LogViewPlus v3.1.15 Free Download (Full Version)

LogViewPlus v3.1.15 Free Download (Full Version)

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LogViewPlus is a log file viewing and analysis tool designed to examine and interpret log files generated by various software programs. Log files are records of events, actions, and messages that occur in a software system and are important for troubleshooting, debugging, and understanding program behavior.


LogViewPlus stands out as a fast and user-friendly log viewing solution, with the ability to quickly open large log files in seconds. Designed specifically for viewing application log files, this software parses log files, goes beyond the capabilities of a basic text editor, and provides users with several advanced filtering options. This analytics functionality allows users to gain a deeper understanding of their log data, efficiently find specific events, and make necessary corrections with speed and accuracy.

With a focus on fast file loading, users can navigate seamlessly through extensive log files, contributing to a more efficient and productive log analysis process. With LogViewPlus, the focus is on fast log file analysis, and its intuitive interface allows users to quickly identify and resolve errors, reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of log analysis workflows.


LogViewPlus is a robust and efficient log-viewing solution designed to simplify the process of analyzing application log files. Recognized for its speed and intuitive interface, this software opens large log files in seconds, allowing users to perform quick and responsive log analysis. Designed for application log files, LogViewPlus excels at parsing log data and offers more advanced filtering options than standard text editors.

This parsing capability can help you gain a deeper understanding of log entries, locate specific events, troubleshoot problems, and make necessary fixes. The software’s emphasis on speed is evident in its fast file loading and allows users to seamlessly navigate through a wide range of log files.

LogViewPlus places great emphasis on user-friendly features, allowing both beginners and experienced professionals to easily manage and interpret log data. An intuitive interface improves the overall user experience and makes log analysis more accessible and efficient. The software’s advanced search capabilities allow users to quickly identify specific information while filtering options and highlighting tools help focus on important information within log files.

In addition, LogViewPlus supports live logging, allowing users to monitor log files in real-time as new events are added. This feature is invaluable for monitoring system performance and identifying problems. Additionally, the ability to bookmark and annotate log entries improves collaboration and facilitates communication between team members during troubleshooting.

LogViewPlus has proven to be a valuable tool in the field of log analysis, whether for debugging, monitoring, or gaining insight into application activity. The versatility to work with a variety of log file formats and integrate with other development tools makes it a comprehensive solution for software developers, IT professionals, and anyone responsible for managing and understanding log data. As the software continues to evolve, users can expect LogViewPlus to remain at the forefront of user-centric and effective log analysis solutions. For more update details join Softowa telegram channel.


Fast log file opening: LogViewPlus is known for its fast opening speed of large log files, allowing users to quickly access and analyze a wide range of log data.

Log Mining: The software analyzes log files and provides a more structured and organized display of log data. This parsing capability improves filter options and helps you gain deeper insight into log entries.

Advanced Filtering: In addition to the basic text editor, LogViewPlus offers advanced filtering options. Users can filter log entries based on various criteria, making it easy to identify specific events or patterns within the log data.

Intuitive User Interface: The software often has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users with varying levels of experience. This model emphasizes ease of use for effective log analysis.

Live Tailing: Users can monitor log files in real time with live tailing functionality. This is especially useful for monitoring system activity and identifying problems.

Search functionality: LogViewPlus provides powerful search engine capabilities that allow users to quickly find specific keywords, phrases, and patterns within log files.

Highlighting with filters: The ability to highlight filtered results helps users focus on important information, making it easier to identify and analyze relevant log entries.

Custom Views: Users can customize the display of log entries by selecting specific columns and information to display based on their analysis needs.

Bookmarks and Annotations: LogViewPlus can support features such as bookmarking specific log entries or adding annotations to important events, supporting collaboration and communication among team members.

Support for various log file formats: The software is designed to handle various log file formats for compatibility with various applications and systems.

Integration with other tools: Depending on versions and updates, LogViewPlus can be integrated with other development and analysis tools to improve functionality in a software development or broader IT environment.

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