Game Booster X: Game Play Optimizer v4.0.15 Mod Apk [Paid]

Game Booster X: Game Play Optimizer v4.0.15 Mod Apk [Paid]

Game Booster X: Game Play Optimizer is one of the most trusted apps for those who care and love phone optimization software. The app helps gamers optimize their phones, clean up unnecessary apps, and save resources to run the apps they need. With a minimalist interface, players have only one touch to optimize the device easily and quickly. If you are a gamer and want an amazing gaming experience, this app is an option you won’t miss.

Game Booster X: Game Play Optimizer Premium Mod


With Game Booster X, players can configure a variety of modes and features. You can set up apps to run and optimize your device when you open your favorite game. In addition, you can use the program and quickly and quickly increase the speed of the device from the notification panel. This app is automatically activate each time your screen turns on and off to keep your device running efficiently. You can also rush the program and add your favorite games to the Boost Game list, which will automatically optimize the game when it starts.

The app can automatically optimize when your device slows down, use algorithms, learn from device performance, and upgrade at the right time. If the application has over 70% RAM of the device, it is possible to make statistics and overview of RAM cleaning. When you’re done playing and looking for a new fit, this app will automatically optimize your device to help you play softer games and make your device work more efficiently. When using this application, you will see a widget that helps you open a thumbnail menu that contains the most important features. The widget creation feature allows you to free customize the game while leaving the game.


With some other device optimization apps, players can get frustrated and confused by the cluttered display of device information and background apps. Game Booster X Developer: Game Play Optimizer explores this program with a minimalist, logical design. They will solve the above problems with this application. Players can easily and quickly monitor and control the operation of background programs, information and machinery.

Created in a minimalist and logical way, this program is suitable for most players today. You can also optimize your device with one touch and set multiple modes from the notification panel or widget.


Game Booster X: Game Play Optimizer allows you to control important applications and parameters on your device. By displaying a white list, you can control which programs are running, and then choose it can run which programs in the background while the game is running. The program can display some detailed parameters of RAM or CPU. The gamer can easily see which programs are using up a lot of resources and turn off these unnecessary programs. To bring a user-friendly experience, it is possible to briefly the display use of Ram on the primary screen, making it easier for players to follow.

With some same apps, players may find it annoying and extremely annoying when ads appear too much everywhere in the app. However, Game Booster X developer X: Game Plat Optimizer did not add ads to their apps; You can use it comfortably and smoothly without ever seeing annoying ads. This application still has some bugs and incompatible performance with some devices. Therefore, the developer continues to make updates to improve the performance of the application and provide the best experience for gamers.


  • Boost Process with just one click!
  • Automatic game booster: Automatically raises when the game starts.
  • Floating Boost Widget: Increase from anywhere whenever you want! Click on the floating lift without reducing the game, as it is very useful to keep the game running.
  • Smart booster: Automatically raises the device when the device slows down. Advanced techniques are used to learn the performance of the device.
  • RAM level booster: The device automatically increases when RAM reaches the level (70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%).
  • Interval Booster: Automatically amplify the device between intervals.
  • Screen Event Booster: The screen automatically boosts the device during ON / OFF events.
  • Increase notification: Increase from notification field.
  • Home Screen Enhancement Widget: Quickly click on the home screen widget without launching the application.
  • RAM usage information on the home screen.
  • Add games and apps to enhance.
  • No need


  • Full version patched
  • License check bypassed


Game Booster X Game Play Optimizer Premium Free


App Name Game Booster X: Game Play Optimizer
Version 4.0.15
Packed com.anutoapps.gameboosterx
Developer AntoDev
Updated December 12, 2021
Requirements 5.0 and up
Languages Multilingual
Get it on Get it on Google PlayStore
APK Size 4.83 MB


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Game Booster X v4.0.15 Mod

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