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The Best Cheap Phones for (Almost) Every Budget

Google Pixel 4A ($350)

Google has taken everything you love to the 2019 Pixel 3A and improved it with the Pixel 4A (9/10, WIRED recommended). First, it's cheap. It's rare to see phones improve and prices fall. The 4A has an amazing camera (the same sensor as the largest pixel 4) and allows you to compete with your phone three times over the price. In this bracket, you won't find another device that can take low-light photos of the Pixel 4A - you can take a Milky Way photo using a tripod (if you've been in a dark enough place) thanks to Google's Night Sight mode.

iPhone SE Generation 2 ($399)

The iPhone SE (8/10, WIRED recommended) is perfect for those who want to get a cheap phone from Apple without all the bells and whistles on their premium models. If you don't have a feature like Face ID to recognize or have a big screen, SE works great if you're good at it. This will unlock based on a fingerprint with a Touch ID, and yes, the home button will return. It's a small size similar to the Pixel 4A - not as compact as the 2016 4-inch iPhone SE or iPhone 12 Mini, but the 4.7-inch screen is still very small compared to other phones. You get modern conveniences such as wireless charging and IP67 water resistance, but unfortunately, the headphone jack is not disconnected at all.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G ($300)

The first OnePlus Nord was not sold in the US, but the Nord N10 5G added a reasonable option to the OnePlus series to change that. What is special? You can get a 90 Hz display refresh rate, a high-speed 5G (sub 6) connection (if your area has 5G), and it's usually available for phones over $ 500.

Thanks to a slightly improved Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 chip and 6 gigabytes of RAM inside, the N10 5G works better than our previous $ 300 recommendation, the Moto G Stylus, but you'll still notice some rudeness here and there. The 690 is not compatible with the Snapdragon 730G on the Pixel 4A. The 6.5-inch screen is large, bright, and bright, but not as black as the OLED on the Pixel because of the LCD panel.

There are four rear cameras: main, ultra-band, macro, and monochrome, and the system are good at producing detailed, colorful images (sometimes too colorful). This includes low light results thanks to OnePlus's special Nightscape camera mode, which allows you to take more photos at night. It is still not compatible with Pixel, but you will be satisfied with the result.

The 4300 mAh battery is easy to use for more than a day, and you'll have a headphone jack, a 128GB gigabyte base expansion microSD card slot, NFC for contactless billing, and a fingerprint scanner. The only major drawback? OnePlus promises to update only one Android version for this phone (up to Android 11 released by Google in September 2020). Fortunately, you will receive a two-year security update.

Nokia 5.3 ($200)

You should lower your smartphone expectations starting at $ 200, but Nokia 5.3 came in to impress. Unlike Motorola's budget phones, you get NFC so you can pay in some stores through apps like Google Pay, and HMD promises a two-year update to the Android version and a three-year security update. Software support on such cheap phones is rare.

Over the course of a few weeks of testing, I was able to do everything I did on Twitter, from watching Twitter to sending emails to quadruple the cost. Thanks to the Snapdragon 665 inside (same as the G Stylus above). You'll encounter a few crashes here and there, and apps won't run as directly as on more expensive phones, but this will only cause power users to juggle multiple apps at once.

The 6.55-inch LCD screen isn't the brightest, but it does glow, and the battery lasts an average of a day. You'll also get other discounts, such as a headphone jack, fingerprint sensor, and microSD slot, to increase the 64 gigabytes that come with it. What you're missing is capable cameras, and the results are good during the day, but you'll have a hard time getting what you can use in low light. Unfortunately, Verizon's network is also not supported.

If you work on AT and T or T-Mobile and don't usually use your phone for light messaging, social networking, video streaming, or music, this Nokia will do it. It usually sells for less than $180.

TCL 10 Pro ($450) or TCL 10L ($250)

You probably know TCL by its affordable TVs, but now it's selling cheap phones. Don't worry, this isn't the company's first rodeo. However, the TCL 10 Pro and 10L are the first phones to be sold under their own name in the United States and are a very promising start.

The 10 Pro features a Snapdragon 675 chip, excellent performance, and a 6.5-inch OLED display that is bright and bright even in broad daylight. The 4500 mAh battery lasts all day, and the four-camera system works well in a variety of lighting conditions, but it's still not as good as the Pixel 3A. It's a glass sandwich, so it feels more upscale, but it also makes it fragile.

The plastic-backed 10L is more durable, and the Snapdragon 665 processor is slower to use, but it costs $ 200 less. The battery can last all day and take some nice pictures during the day, but the lack of night mode on this model means that your low-light shooting will look pretty bad. The screen is also a bit dim to see on a sunny outside.

The biggest drawback of TCL is that, like Motorola, these phones currently promise only one Android version update. This is frustrating and does not bode well for the longevity of these phones.