CCleaner Technician v6.00.9727 Preactivated (Repack & Portable)

Free Download CCleaner Technician Preactivated (Repack & Portable) Silent Installation. Keeping your computer running is essential, especially if you have a multi-car business. CCleaner Technician Edition is designed to offer people an effective tool for scanning, analyzing, and deleting junk and temporary files, and keeping your computer clean. Furthermore, it comes with a dedicated registry cleaner, and the delete module fills the package.

CCleaner Technician Repack & Portable Free Download

The Familiar Interface That Offers Reliable Operation

Those familiar with CCleaner from the same developer will immediately recognize the same interface they have tested, providing an efficient cleaning process. The CCleaner Technician Edition aims to offer business efficiency by optimizing endpoints, protecting against data theft, and increasing productivity compared to its “siblings.”

The multi-tab array allows you to perform a step-by-step cleaning process, such as analyzing junk and temporary files, clearing your preferences, or viewing registry changes. The fully configurable tool allows you to use the checklist to select the elements to be analyzed, thus increasing the scanning efficiency.

Use This Versatile Cleaning Tool To Keep Your Technician Computers Running At Their Best

Users can choose from a wide range of cleaning options, and the CCleaner Technician Edition offers unique control features. This tool is very useful as it allows people to be notified when a potential cleanup exceeds a user-defined memory threshold.

Additionally, the registry cleaner allows users to monitor the status of their accounts, and the tool offers a configuration list for scanning only the preferred keys. To improve the flexibility of cleaning, CCleaner Technician Edition allows you to add and remove custom directories or file subscriptions.

A Comprehensive Software Solution To Reliably Clean Up Junk And Improve Computer Performance In A Short Period Of Time

Undoubtedly, CCleaner Technician Edition may be a good choice for those who want to clean their computer and get the best performance. This offers them a reliable interface that offers a direct cleaning process. Users will be able to select the type of content to analyze, check for changes in the account, or remove unwanted software.


Get more out of your computer:

  • CCleaner increases computer speed, frees up hard disk space, and prolongs hardware life. Save on IT support costs by using an active computer.

Protect your technician data:

  • Keep your company’s data private and prevent theft. CCleaner can safely delete files and track cookies, browser history, passwords, and passwords.

Safe and secure software you can trust:

  • Our software has been tested to the highest standards and is trusted by millions of business users, including many FTSE 100 companies.


CCleaner Technician v6.00.9727 (2022-05-13):

Helping you to keep your PC running fast and smooth:

  • Added a new Performance Optimizer feature
  • Scans for apps that run in the background
  • Allows you to sleep apps that aren’t needed, reducing system load
  • Keeps apps asleep while not in use
  • Wakes apps up safely when needed by you or another application
  • Contains a guide and FAQ section
  • We fixed some bugs found during our feature preview test phase
  • You can read more about this feature in our blog post

Expanding our cleaning:

  • Added cleaning of Windows Software Distribution logs
  • Added optional cleaning of Google programs backup files
  • Added optional cleaning of Apple programs backup files
  • Added optional cleaning of Steam backup files
  • Improved cleaning of Safari internet history
  • Improved cleaning of Chromium internet cache (JS files)

Taking the hassle out of PC maintenance:

  • We’ve added 50 new apps to our Software Updater!
  • More to come this summer
  • Request an app at

Simplifying the app:

  • Added a helpful ‘Paste’ button to the License Key screen
  • Improved Account Menu display for high-DPI screens
  • Made some license registration errors more understandable
  • To avoid mishaps, CCleaner will always be installed to a /CCleaner/ folder

Making the app inclusive (Accessibility):

  • Our new Performance Optimizer feature has full support for NVDA screen reader
  • The Account Manager menu now works better with NVDA screen reader

Keeping you safe:

  • As part of our continued commitment to security, we’ve made various minor security improvements based on testing (penetration testing, static code analysis).
  • Updates like these are typical, preventative measures taken by all good software companies.


  • Lifetime License Activated
  • Silent Installation & Portable Installation with Preactivated
  • Clean & Fresh Repack Build


CCleaner Technician Repack & Portable


  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later required
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM or higher required
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB+ of free space required


Product Name CCleaner Technician
Created By Piriform Ltd
Version 6.00.9727
CPUs Architecture x86 (32-bit) & x64 (64-bit)
License Type Full Version
Release Date May 13, 2022
Malware check Trusted
Languages English

CCleaner Technician v6.00.9727 [Repack & Portable]

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File Size: 30.33 MB



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