App Cloner Premium v2.11.0 Mod Apk Full Version Unlocked

App Cloner Premium v2.11.0 Mod Apk Full Version Unlocked

Technology is becoming more and more modern, causing a variety of problems. The mobile app market is very diverse and stylish to meet the needs of everyone in the world. With the exception of the thousands of games released each year, there are plenty of tools to help you increase your capabilities and maximize your smartphone.App Cloner Premium Currently, with a powerful smartphone system, you can use multi-tasking applications. This means that users can run multiple applications at the same time.

But do you want to use the exact same app on your smartphone at the same time? Simply put, for example, if you have two Facebook accounts, you can run them on a smartphone at the same time. It’s too good to text each other.

The first thing to say about App Cloner Premium is that it has just been removed from Google Play and you can’t download it on this app’s platform. These are just a few minor issues between the publisher and Google, so you don’t have to worry about security issues. You can find a photo app on Google Play called App Cloner Premium, but this app is a premium account activation module. You cannot use that data to run this program. To get the App Cloner apk file, you have two main ways to download it directly under this article or on the main page.

App Cloner Premium is an application with many parallel functions to help you use it comfortably on your smartphone. For example, you will need to sign in before signing in to a Facebook account other than your own. With the “App Clone”, users can create a Facebook clone and then log in to the account they want to activate. The two will work together without affecting or conflicting with each other’s data.

App Cloner Premium’s powerful feature works on almost all current apps. However, certain limitations are due to conflicts between the publisher and Google. This means that not all Google services that require an app certificate, such as Google account login, Google Play Services, Google Play Games, Google Drive backup, or in-app purchases, will work. Maybe this is a big hole that needs to be discussed by AppListo and media giants.

This is the story of each of us and may not need to be discussed at this time. The program is sincere, stand-alone, creates clusters that can be installed, and integrates many other features. However, you can see that the ultra-light capacity is only 14MB. Such a powerful tool, with its bright power, is popular with many people. More than 5 million are downloaded directly from the first app released on the website, and more than a million have been published on other platforms.

If you put it together, it could be a very large number. When its updated updates are used regularly, users will be able to solve major problems encountered during use. If you have any problems with the application, you can contact the publisher directly. They will give you the right answer.


The application allows you to copy and run different accounts on Android devices in parallel. This is very helpful if you need to make quick transfers between social media accounts, game accounts, and favorites without having to log in from others.


The best features and optimal system performance make the App Cloner Premium very powerful and popular. Making a copy of any previously installed program in this program is not as difficult as other cloning tools.

To open, one-click, scroll down / up to find the app or game you want, double-click the app, and select an option. Your new clone installation is complete. It takes approximately 5-10 seconds to build a clone version of all supported programs. That’s why millions of people think it’s the best cloning app available for Android smartphones and tablets.


In the paid version of App Cloner Premium users will have full access to the feature with more settings and higher performance. Some of the features of the paid version are very much appreciated by the users.

You can save the ability to save a copy to an external SD card to prevent the app from running automatically in the background when you turn on the device or connect to wifi. specific file types. It has the ability to automatically block an unknown host or domain trying to connect to your application.


  • App Cloner Premium apps (Instagram, Messenger, Gmail, YouTube, Fake GPS apps, Bukalapak, VK, Parallel Space, etc.).
  • Create multiple application clones and use batch copies
  • Save/back up cloned applications
  • Change the starter image

Definitions and compliance options

  • Change or hide Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC
  • Modify Google Advertising ID & Google Service Framework (GSF) ID
  • Change the WebView User-Agent
  • Hide Wi-Fi information, GPU information, SIM and operator information
  • The randomly select building supports to prevent fingerprinting of the device

Privacy options

  • Password protection applications, including Stealth mode
  • Fake calculator software
  • Disable account, contact address, calendar, call logs, and memory access
  • Uninstall a recent application
  • Secret mode for apps, secret keyboard
  • Disqualify and disable permission notifications
  • Fake GPS location
  • Hide fake location
  • Fake time zone
  • Disable access to sensors and bogus sensors
  • Disable access
  • Prevent screenshots
  • In-app floating keyboard
  • Disable auto-fill & temporary memory access
  • Sneeze’ when you leave the app with the screen off
  • Hide the root and presence of other applications
  • Disable the logcat account
  • Disable sharing
  • Disable device admins and login services
  • Change the Knox warranty bit

Display options

  • Change the status, navigation, and toolbar color
  • Rotate color / dark mode
  • Allow dark mode (Android 10)
  • Replace the rotation lock
  • Change views and replace text on the screen
  • Change the app’s screen size, language, and default font
  • Keep the immersive mode on the screen
  • Floating applications and free windows
  • Multiple windows and image support
  • Flip-screen / HUD mode
  • Hide the groove and use a larger aspect ratio
  • Live chat within the app App Cloner Premium
  • Enlarge WebView text
  • Enlarge the image
  • Blur the appearance of the image
  • Allow screenshots, text selection, and photo view sharing
  • Press and hold to copy text or activate views
  • Reveal password fields
  • Skip the dialog
  • Screenshot, welcome
  • Always allow copying and pasting
  • Screen saver
  • RTL (right to left) support
  • Color filter
  • Modify or disable activity transitions

Media options

  • Turn off or adjust the sound first
  • Mute the sound in front of the application or on the text
  • Prevent apps from changing volume
  • Start the song App Cloner Premium
  • Disable cameras and microphones
  • Disable audio focus (allow audio/video playback alongside other applications)
  • Disable the Chromecast button
  • Display on the secondary screen
  • Volume rocker cabinet & pointer
  • Disable Happy Feedback
  • Audio playback
  • Camera application for Android 11

Navigation options

  • Floating return button
  • Please exit the app
  • Reduce on the back
  • App Cloner Premium Shake to exit the app
  • Swipe back
  • Press & hold back & fingerprint sensor action
  • Press and hold back the options menu
  • Fingerprint sensor and volume key function
  • Kiosk mode
  • Reprogram the volume keys Pop-up blocker
  • Operational controls and prohibitions

Storage options

  • Install the app to the SD card
  • Disable image and media access
  • Redirect external storage
  • Prevent app backups
  • It is recommended that you save app data when deleting it
  • Bundle SD card directory files or exported application data
  • App Cloner Premium Package the source software
  • Clear the cache when the app exits
  • Securely delete files and directories that exit the application

Start options

  • Delete widget and startup icons
  • Add internal functions as startup icons
  • App Cloner Premium Disable auto-start
  • Make the app consistent
  • Disable basic services
  • Disable the app’s default settings
  • Start the application with a secret dialing code or an outgoing call
  • Quick configuration panel
  • Disable sleep locks and change work schedules
  • False battery level
  • Request to ignore battery optimization
  • Create a home, camera, or app
  • Run another program
  • S-pen, headset, or power start/exit program
  • Disable the on / off-screen
  • Start the program when the external memory is connected
  • Run an application with an NFC address

Network options:

  • App Cloner Premium Disable all networks
  • Manually disable/activate the network via notification
  • Disable mobile data, backend, and network when the screen is off
  • Disable your network when you do not have a VPN connection
  • Fake Wi-Fi / mobile / Ethernet connection
  • SOCKS proxies
  • Display IP information
  • Disable certain text networks

Notification options

  • App Cloner Premium Notification filter and silent notification time
  • Mute the notification and change the vibration
  • Change the color and brightness of the notification
  • Postponement of notifications and notification breaks
  • Change the appearance and priority of notifications
  • Delete or replace notification images and actions
  • One statement group
  • Change the text and classification of notifications
  • Add a notification point to the application icon
  • Filter the toast and change the position, duration, and opacity of the toast
  • Display the toast in the form of a statement
  • Turn the toast over
  • Game options:
  • Copy or package OBB extension files
  • Keymapping
  • FPS display

Android TV & Wear OS options

  • Android TV launcher support
  • Change the image of the Android TV banner
  • joystick pointer for incompatible applications
  • Support the image in the image
  • Use the TV version on mobile devices
  • Unable to uninstall browsers

Automation options

  • Adjust the light at startup
  • Do not interrupt, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & control automatically
  • Configure clipboard data at startup
  • Perform Tasker tasks
  • Press buttons automatically
  • Auto scroller
  • Flashlight when the app is open

Developer options

  • Change the app version name and code
  • Hide developer mode App Cloner Premium
  • Log provider
  • Change the target SDK version, Android version, pillars
  • The app is valid for up to /
  • Custom permission


  • AliExpress
  • Dana
  • eBay (Android 8.0 still works)
  • Evernote
  • GCash
  • Avah
  • Cody
  • Lazada
  • OneDrive
  • OVO
  • Paytm (some users reported problems)
  • Pokemon GO
  • Business Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Tokopedia (inaccessible)
  • Trello
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, etc.
  • Yandex Go
  • Most Google apps (but Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube work with some limitations)
  • Most Microsoft applications (but Skype & LinkedIn work well)


App Cloner Premium App Cloner Premium


  • Name: App Cloner Premium
  • Version: 2.11.0
  • Packed: com.applisto.appcloner
  • Developer: AppListo
  • Release Date: 2021-06-30
  • Google Play: Not Available
  • Malware Check: Trusted
  • License: Premium
  • Supported Language: Multilingual


  • Operating System: Android
  • Android OS Version: 4.0+
  • Ram Size: 1 GB+
  • Root Access: Not Required


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