AIDA64 Business v6.33.5700 Repack & Portable

AIDA64 Business v6.33.5700 Repack & Portable

AIDA64 Business is a name commonly used in the consumer society to obtain a wide range of system information, monitor hardware components, and set benchmarks to determine how they are ranked. There are four versions of the application: Extreme, Engineer, Network Audit, and Business. The latter has the most unique features and, as the name implies, is intended for professional use.

AIDA64 Business Repack & Portable
AIDA64 Business Repack & Portable

Features available only for AIDA64 Business

Unlike its lesser free partners, AIDA64 Business includes graphics remote control, remote user, disk health, overclocking information, system stability testing, monitoring diagnostics, CPU, RAM and disk benchmarks, sensor logging, alerts, Logitech, and Razer LCD support. . virus database monitoring, remote automatic reporting, ACPI browser, and DRAM timing.

The same clean interface as a well-organized window

In the interface department, AIDA64 maintains the same look for all four products. The business is wrapped in a classic window and all the information is divided into many parts depending on the type of component. Users can find detailed information about the motherboard, screen, device, DirectX, operating system, security, settings, storage, network and other parts. For example, it is possible to control the temperature of the sensor (for example, motherboard, CPU) to prevent overheating.

Detailed reporting, testing and configuration

All items can be exported to a report for a more detailed study of selected sections and can be compared to future reports if hardware changes are made during this time or if you plan to upgrade your computer.

Monitor diagnostics can be performed based on a variety of criteria, such as checking the stability of the system by stressing the LCD, brightness/contrast and convergence calibration, CPU, FPU, cache, system memory, local disk or GPU.

AIDA64 Business allows users to customize a variety of settings related to each aspect of the software tool, including location, schedule reports, email notifications, FTP hosting, content filters, alerts, and sensor indicators.


Generic Features:

  • Low-level hardware information: 46 pages
  • Software and operating system information: 47 pages
  • Security-related information: 6 pages
  • DirectX information including Direct3D acceleration features
  • Diagnostics module that simplifies troubleshooting
  • Tweaking features

Unique Features:

  • Change Manager detects all software and hardware changes in corporate networks
  • Alerting warns system administrators about critical system status changes
  • UpTime and DownTime statistics with critical errors counter
  • Monitor Diagnostics to check the capabilities of CRT and LCD displays
  • System Stability Test with thermal monitoring to stress CPU, FPU, memory and disks
  • Smart Battery information
  • ACPI BIOS, IPMI System Event Log, IPMI Sensor information
  • Web links: IT portals, software and driver download
  • Manufacturer links: product information, driver and BIOS download
  • Hardware information database for over 121,000 devices
  • Fully localized user interface: 35+ languages
  • No installation or setup procedure required

Network Audit Features:

  • Command-line options for automatic report creation
  • TXT, HTML, MHTML, XML, CSV, MIF, INI report file formats with Report Converter
  • Reports submitted via e-mail, FTP server upload, automatic compression
  • Audit Manager with audit list and audit statistics + diagrams
  • Custom Variables: audit Registry entries and environment variables
  • Software audit: 3 different methods including file scanning

Database Connection:

  • Borland InterBase, Firebird, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase database support
  • Special optimizations for MS SQL Server, MySQL
  • Database Manager with report file exporting/importing for AIDA64 SQL databases

Remote Features:

  • Secure remote connection within an IP network
  • Advanced Remote Monitor monitors system status, network traffic, SMART disk health and anti-virus database status remotely
  • Remote process monitoring and management
  • Remote report creation with direct report transfer
  • Automatic remote reporting via command-line
  • Graphical Remote Control with file transfer


AIDA64 Business 6.33.5700 (2021-03-31):

  • Improved AMD Epyc 7003 Milan CPU support
  • SteelSeries Apex 5 OLED display support
  • Aqua Computer High Flow Next sensor support
  • Corsair H60i, H100i, H115i, H150i RGB Pro XT Liquid Refrigerator Control
  • Motherboard improvements based on Intel B560 and Z590 chipsets
  • NZXT Smart Device sensor support
  • AMD Radeon RX 6600 and 6700 Series GPU details
  • NVIDIA CMP 30HX, CMP 40HX, GeForce GT 1010 GPU details


AIDA64 Business Full Version Free Download
AIDA64 Business Full Version Free Download


  • Supported OS: All Windows
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or later required
  • Memory (RAM): 128 MB of RAM or higher required
  • Hard Disk Space: 80 MB of free space or higher required


  • Name: AIDA64 Business
  • Version: 6.33.5700
  • Architecture: x64 (64-bit) & x86 (32-bit)
  • License Type: Full version
  • Release Date: 2021-03-30
  • Developer: FinalWire Ltd.
  • Official Homepage: Open
  • Packed Type: Preactivated (Repack & Portable)
  • Main Category: System
  • Malware Check: Trusted
  • Languages: Multi-Language
  • File Type: Zip
  • File Size: 24.5 MB


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