Advanced Download Manager Pro v12.5.3 Mod Apk [Paid]

Free Download Advanced Download Manager Pro v12.5.3-Final Mod Apk [Paid]. Advanced Download Manager Pro & Torrent Downloader is a download program that allows you to experiment with the torrent download experience. A common tool used because it is useful. At the same time, the program provides users with many functions to optimize their use according to the file case. In addition, you can easily find the downloaded files by category of your program. The application contains many elements to keep you satisfied.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Torrent downloads are no longer a strange type of download for many people due to their valuable features. So in some cases, users will like this download method a few times. It is no longer available on PC platforms and is now available as an Advanced Download Manager Pro & Torrent downloader with easy-to-download features.

The program offers simple features and is completely easy to use, so people who are new to torrent downloading will get used to it gradually. Categories organize functions in a perfectly logical way. At the same time, you can set some factors related to the download, such as the maximum number of downloads or the download speed. Everything was done in one touch.

At the same time, for more advanced configurations, you need to take some time to experience it in order to optimize your usage. One of your favorite features is changing the color and theme of the app to your liking. You may want to feel sophisticated when you are comfortable, so you can optimize the look and feel of the app for easy use.

Torrent is one of the most effective ways to always bring a download, and you can feel it on your phone. Generally, you can download related torrent files using your mobile device, and you can download up to three files at a time. So you can optimize your installation using the settings that can be quickly selected as a whole using the toolbar of your application.

You can choose to download each file to complete the connection quality faster. When you start allowing your files to start loading, the connection is queued. However, if you want to complete the download early, you can download up to 3 files at a time, but it will increase the download time for each file. So you can think about which load is right for you.

One of the characteristics of the torrent download genre is the invisibility of the application when downloading. This is a feature when trying to use an application. If a certain copy of a particular file is interrupted when you download it, you can continue downloading it without restarting it from the beginning. So it’s a must-try, and if you’re used to it, this program is for you. Advanced Download Manager Pro


Powerful Downloader for Android

  • download up to five files from the Internet at the same time
  • Accelerated download using multithreading (16 sections)
  • Disable links from Android browser and memory
  • download a file in the background and continue after the failure
  • loaders for images, documents, archives, and applications
  • Download to lollipop and marshmallow SD card
  • intelligent algorithms to increase download speeds
  • Wi-Fi download only via the Internet
  • Increase download devices for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • change the maximum real-time speed
  • video downloads and music download
  • continuation of interrupted downloads
  • support for files larger than 2 gigabytes
  • download files in the queue in parallel.

Torrent Downloader

  • add torrents and magnets through the editor, memory, browser, and file finder
  • select the required files and folders, display their size and type, search and sort by name
  • In the right menu, you can filter Torrents and Seeding
  • Quick options from the left menu, a new section torrent with all sorts of options in the Settings section
  • The Properties window displays information about torrents, and the Site Manager supports their profiles.

Advanced settings

  • interface settings and themes
  • select the downloaded file folder
  • different automation after completion
  • save different file types in different folders
  • create a blank file to speed up the download
    авто auto-stop process if the battery charge level is low
  • Insert a list of links from a text file on the SD card
  • automatic resumption after error or disconnection
  • planning the start of the download at the right time
  • turbo mode to speed up the download process
  • get the file size and beautiful name
  • download and configuration backup list
  • profiles for each type of connection
  • scheduled operation
  • support for fast and automatic downloads.

Clean interface

  • lightweight material design
  • judging by type and status
  • left menu with the quick option
  • easy-to-manage context menu
  • classification of withdrawals by order, size, and name
  • open completed files through favorite applications
  • download information: speed, size, time
  • support for pauses, resumes, and restarts of downloads
  • creating advanced site profiles
  • fine-tuning each download;
  • widget on the home screen.

Extended statement

  • progress and speed images in the notification panel
  • transparent process crossbars at the top of all windows
  • noise and vibration notifications

Built-in ADM Browser

  • multi-tab support
  • advanced media downloader
  • list of stories and bookmarks
  • easy submission of download files
  • download mp3s from popular archives
  • interruption of mp4 video from the voice
  • easy download of all types of files
  • download accelerators for social networks
  • User-Agent” option to fake the browser.


  • streaming music and video downloads
  • download m3u8 and MP-DASH videos
  • convert ts to mp4 when done.

Simple download control

  • Click download to start/stop the process
  • Click on the completed download to open the file
  • long click on download to display the context menu.


  • Unlocked Pro / Paid properties Advanced Download Manager Pro
  • Disabled / Unwanted Permissions + Recipient + Supplier + Service
  • Optimal, zip-backed graphics and cleared resources for fast loading
  • Deleted ads/services/service providers from Android. manifest
  • Advertising links removed and call methods removed
  • Advertising location is disabled
  • Google Play Store installation test disabled
  • Debugging code removed
  • Delete the default .source tags of the corresponding java files
  • Analytics / Crashlitic disabled
  • Complete removal of the Facebook ad-bundled SDK
  • Complete elimination of cerebral palsy
  • No active tracker or ads
  • No watermarks
  • AOSP compatible mode
  • Language: Full language
  • CPU: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • Display DPI: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi
  • The original signature of the package has changed


Advanced Download Manager Pro Advanced Download Manager Pro


Apk Name ADM Pro
Version 12.5.3
Packed com.dv.adm
Developer AdvancedApp
Updated August 18, 2021
Requirements 5.0 and up
Languages Multilingual
Get it on Get it on Google PlayStore


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