Adguard Pro v4.0.75ƞ Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Adguard Pro v4.0.75ƞ Mod APK Premium Unlocked. Nowadays, it is common for many people to use applications on their mobile phones. Thanks to the convenience of smartphones, life has become more comfortable and more dangerous. This is because when you use the software provided to you, there will be ads that will benefit the software developers.

In addition, these types of malicious ads steal viruses and personal information that can damage your smartphone. But in this day and age, we can’t afford smartphones and gadgets. So the most urgent thing is to protect yourself. We offer the right software that can block all ads without deeply interfering with the phone system. Adguard will make you happy thanks to its high performance, but it doesn’t require too much. It’s called “THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED ADVERTISER!” It can be said that it is called.

Adguard ProIt’s a free app, but it doesn’t run on any fixed platform. You can’t find it on Google Play. If you wish, you will need to download the file posted on our website and install it as usual.

Its first and favorite feature is to block unauthorized and online tracking ads. This will help protect your phone from malware. Adguard will help players travel faster, safer, and more comfortably. For example, an ad-blocking program requires the user to be root. But it is not necessary to eat such a complicated operation, just install and use.

However, it is still strong enough to stop banning ads and remove existing applications and browsers. This protects your privacy and helps you manage apps on your smartphone. This application is very compatible with almost all types of smartphones today. Therefore, it allows users to customize freely. You can install it and use it on both rooted and non-rooted devices.


  • Adblocker has a custom filter only for Yandex. Browser and Samsung Internet.
    AdGuard Content Blocker is a free Android application that blocks ads on the Yandex browser and Samsung Internet mobile browser without root permission. This AdGuard ad-blocking program works specifically for these two browsers.
  • Save space and data
    Intrusive advertising distracts you and steals your time, and heavy media advertising, especially video advertising, consumes your battery and data on your device. With the AdGuard Content Blocker, you can leave your home without a charger and drink extra coffee thanks to the data you store.
  • 20+ AdBlock listings
    Choose from a complete list of all available filters developed by our highly skilled professionals and reputable community members. To create the best protection in France, Spain, Germany, Korea and other countries and language regions, activate the general list of the most common ads and combine it with the language list.
  • White list
    Support your favorite websites and content creators by adding them to your list of exceptions. You can whitelist an entire domain or a specific page. You don’t have to turn off AdGuard every time you visit a trusted, reliable website that doesn’t include any ads.
  • Custom filters
    Our software allows you to control the filtering process. You can add your own rules to block ads or hide any elements on the page, and return them at any time in the future.
  • Protect your privacy
    The AdGuard team makes user privacy a top priority. We have many years of experience in developing award-winning banning and privacy tools. In addition, we have published numerous research papers exposing malicious software and exposing the shady schemes used to steal your personal information, and have established ourselves as an online security guard.


  • Unlocked premium / paid features
  • Disabled / Unwanted Permissions + Recipient + Supplier + Service
  • Quick graphics and cleared resources are optimized and zip-loaded
  • Debugging code removed
  • Delete the default names of the .source tags of the corresponding java files
  • The start screen is disabled
  • There is no sign of water
  • Language: Completely many languages
  • Display DPI: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi
  • The original signature of the package has changed


Adguard Pro


App Name AdGuard
Version 4.0.79ƞ Build 10000585
Updated April 21, 2022
Requirements 5.0 and up
Languages Multilingual
Get it on Get it on Google PlayStore
APK Size 36.66 MB



Adguard v4.0.75 Build 10000585 [Mod]

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