About Us

Softowa is to make it easier to access files for the latest releases, constantly evolving and trying to compete over time, providing a friendly interface that makes it easier and more integrated to find files. Softowa does not host any files and does not strictly host any content and files, we only provide indexes to files already published on the Internet, much like most search engines.

We are proud of our friendly team and moderators, we have built a real family that contributes to the site. We’re glad to see all of these great people on board and with their support and contributions, the site will continue to work and enjoy to the fullest.

The main goal is to provide everyone with the most convenient and user-friendly interface to Softowa for people to find and download the files they want in a more secure way. We are in the process of developing the site to make the best of what is possible to set a new standard among other sites. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our friendly community for inspiring and encouraging us to do what we can.

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